ESET Log Collector

ESET Log Collector is an application that automatically collects information, such as configuration and logs from your server in order to help resolve issues more quickly. When you have a case open with ESET Customer Care, you may be asked to provide logs from your computer. ESET Log Collector will make it easy for you to collect the information needed.

ESET Log Collector is accessible from the main menu by clicking Help and support > ESET Log Collector. It will redirect you to download page.


Right-click the program icon, and then click Run as administrator, otherwise it will not be able to collect all necessary information. The ESET Log Collector will not function in Safe Mode.


Select the appropriate check boxes for the logs that you want to collect. If you are unsure what to select, leave all check boxes selected (default). Specify the location where you want to save archive files and then click Save. The archive file name is already predefined. Click Collect.

During the collection, you can view the operation log window at the bottom to see what operation is currently in progress. When collection is finished, all files have been collected and archived will be displayed. This means that collection was successful and the archive file (for example, has been saved in the location specified.

For further information about ESET Log Collector and for the list of files that ESET Log Collector actually collects, please visit the ESET Knowledgebase.