Creating new tasks

To create a new task in Scheduler, click Add task... or CTRL+click in the blank field and select Add... from the context menu. Five types of scheduled tasks are available:

Run application


Log maintenance

On-demand computer scan

System startup file check


Run application

By choosing Run application, you can run programs as a system user called "nobody". Permissions for running applications through the Scheduler are defined by macOS.  To change the user from the default, type the user name followed by a colon (:) in front of the command. You can also use the root user in this feature.


Example: Run task as user

In this example we will schedule the calculator app to start at a selected time as a user named UserOne:

1.In the Scheduler, select Add task.

2.Type in the task name. Select Run application as a Scheduled task. In the Run Task window, select Once to run this task a single time. Click Next.

3.Click Browse and select the Calculator app.

4.Type UserOne: before the application path (UserOne:'/Applications/') and click Next.

5.Select a time to execute the task and click Next.

6.Select an alternate option if the task is unable to run and click Next.

7.Click Finish.

8.The ESET Scheduler will start the Calculator app at the time you selected.


Example: Update Task

In this example we will create an update task that will run at a specified time.

1.From the Scheduled task drop-down menu select Update.

2.Enter the name of the task into the Task name field.

3.Select the frequency of the task from the Run task drop-down menu. Based on the frequency selected, you will be prompted to specify different update parameters. If you select User-defined, you will be prompted to specify date/time in cron format (see the Creating user-defined task section for more details).

4.In the next step, define what action to take if the task cannot be performed or completed at the scheduled time.

5.In the last step, a summary window with information about the current scheduled task is displayed. Click Finish. The new scheduled task will be added to the list of currently scheduled tasks.

By default ESET Cyber Security contains pre-defined scheduled tasks to ensure correct product functionality. These should not be altered, and are hidden by default. To make these tasks visible, from the main menu click Setup > Enter application preferences ... (or press cmd+,) > Scheduler and select Show system tasks.