In the General section (Setup > Enter application preferences > General), you can enable detection of the following types of applications:

Potentially unwanted applications Grayware or potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) is a broad category of software whose intent is not as unequivocally malicious as other types of malware, such as viruses or trojans. However, these applications could install additional unwanted software, change the behavior of the digital device, or perform activities not approved or expected by you. Read more about these types of applications in the Glossary.

Potentially unsafe applications – These applications are commercial, legitimate software that can be abused by attackers if installed without user consent. This classification includes programs such as remote access tools. For this reason this option is disabled by default.

Suspicious applications – These applications include programs compressed with packers or protectors. These types of protectors are often exploited by malware authors to evade detection. A packer is a runtime self-extracting executable that rolls up several kinds of malware into a single package. The most common packers are UPX, PE_Compact, PKLite, and ASPack. The same malware may be detected differently when compressed using a different packer. Packers can also make their "signatures" mutate over time, making malware more difficult to detect and remove.

To set up File System or Web and Mail exclusions, click Setup.