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Microsoft 365 tenant

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) organizes objects like users and apps into groups called tenants. A typical way to identify a tenant is using a domain name. If multiple users share a domain name, they are part of the same tenant. Tenants allow you to set policies on users and apps within your organization to meet security and operational policies. You can protect and manage multiple Microsoft 365 tenants using one ESET Cloud Office Security console.

For more details, see Microsoft's article about Tenancy in Azure Active Directory.

Add tenant

1.Go to Settings and click Add tenant (or anywhere you see the Add tenant button).

2.Click the Microsoft 365 tile.


3.Type your Microsoft 365 tenant name or full domain name and click Add tenant.

4.The screen redirects to the Microsoft Online consent page with a list of permissions required by ESET Cloud Office Security.


5.Enter your Microsoft 365 administrator account credentials to allow ESET Cloud Office Security access to your data located on your Microsoft account, click Accept.


6.Your Microsoft 365 tenant was added, including the users.


7.To finish the setup, click Next and select users to Protect.