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Installation using the Software Install Task

You can install ESET Bridge remotely from ESET PROTECT Web Console using the Software Install task:

1.Open the ESET PROTECT Web Console in your web browser and log in.

2.Click Tasks > New > Client Task.


3.In Basic, type the Name. You can also type the Description and Select tags. In the Task drop-down menu, select Software Install.


4.Click Settings. Under Package to install, select one option:

To install ESET Bridge from the ESET repository, click Install package from repository > select the operating system under Choose operating system (Windows or Linux) > click Select under Choose package from repository > select ESET Bridge > click OK.

Select Install by direct package URL and type the ESET Bridge installation package link. See Software Install in ESET PROTECT On-Prem Online Help for more details on the link format.

5.Select the check box I accept the End User License Agreement and acknowledge the Privacy Policy. See End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.


6.Click Finish to create the task.

7.Click Create Trigger.


8.In Basic, type the trigger name.


9.Click Target > Add Targets > select the computer where you want to install ESET Bridge and click OK.


Install ESET Bridge on a computer running a supported OS.


10. Click Trigger > select a Trigger type > click Finish.


11. ESET Bridge gets installed on the selected computer. In ESET PROTECT Web Console > Computers, there is an icon icon_proxy next to the name of the computer running ESET Bridge.

Note the hostname and IP address of the computer running ESET Bridge. After the installation, configure ESET Bridge for desired functionality.