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Upgrade ESET Bridge


The upgrade overwrites any manual configuration. If you did configuration changes to the pkgid file (located here: Windows: C:\Program Files\ESET\Bridge\pkgid; Linux: /opt/eset/bridge/etc/pkgid), ensure to back up the pkgid file before the ESET Bridge upgrade. After the upgrade, use the configuration from the backup.

You can upgrade ESET Bridge in several ways:

Remotely from the ESET PROTECT Web Console:

oClick Computers > click the computer running ESET Bridge > select Details > click Installed Applications. If an ESET Bridge update is available, click ESET Bridge > Update ESET Products.

oAlternatively, you can use the Software Install Client Task.


oUse the ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer on Windows.

oRun the latest ESET Bridge standalone installation package (Windows or Linux) on the computer running an earlier ESET Bridge version.


ESET Bridge modules get updated automatically when a more recent module version is available.