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Requirements and supported products

Hardware requirements

ESET Bridge is based on nginx—see nginx hardware specifications.

See also ESET PROTECT hardware and infrastructure sizing.

Supported operating systems

You can install ESET Bridge on these operating systems:

Windows—Windows Server 2016/2019/2022.


oUbuntu—16, 18, 20, 22

oCentOS—7 (including the ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance), 8

oRHEL—7, 8, 9

Supported ESET products

ESET Bridge works with ESET PROTECT Server 10.0 and later and ESET PROTECT Cloud.


The ESET Bridge default configuration supports ESET Inspect Cloud. You can configure ESET Bridge to support the on-premises ESET Inspect.

ESET Bridge works with these ESET security products:

HTTP proxy—All ESET security products that can use a proxy to download updates.

HTTPS traffic caching—ESET Bridge can decrypt and cache HTTPS traffic:

oUpdate requests (modules, repository) sent from a supported ESET security product:

Supported ESET security product

Supported product version

ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows

10 and later

oESET LiveGuard Advanced traffic for ESET PROTECT and the supported ESET security products listed above.


HTTPS traffic caching limitations

ESET Bridge does not support HTTPS traffic caching for ESET security products (and their versions) not listed above.

ESET PROTECT Cloud does not support HTTPS traffic caching—the required certificates are available in ESET PROTECT (ESET PROTECT supports HTTP/HTTPS traffic caching) but not in ESET PROTECT Cloud (ESET PROTECT Cloud supports only HTTP traffic caching).

ESET Bridge and ESET PROTECT Cloud support HTTP traffic caching for all ESET security products.


ESET PROTECT Cloud users with ESET Vulnerability & Patch Management

ESET Bridge blocks the Patch Management network traffic by default. ESET Bridge does not affect the reporting of vulnerabilities.

To enable the Patch Management network traffic, disable the Access Control List (ACL) rules in the ESET Bridge configuration file:

1.Open the ESET Bridge configuration restrict.conf.template file in a text editor:

oWindows: C:\ProgramData\ESET\Bridge\Proxies\Nginx\Conf\restrict.conf.template

oLinux: /var/opt/eset/bridge/nginx/conf/restrict.conf.template

2.Change set $valid_host 0; to set $valid_host 1;.

3.Save the restrict.conf.template file.

4.Restart the ESET Bridge service.

Disabling ACL rules allows the routing of all network traffic via ESET Bridge (ESET Bridge becomes an open proxy).