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Installation on Linux


Install ESET Bridge on a computer running a supported OS.


ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance users

We recommend that you install ESET Bridge during the initial ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance (version 10.1 and later) configuration.

ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer and Virtual Appliance (when ESET Bridge is enabled during the Virtual Appliance deployment) create default HTTP Proxy Usage policies for ESET Management Agent and ESET security products applied to the All Static Group. The policies automatically configure ESET Management Agents and ESET security products on managed computers to use ESET Bridge as a Proxy for caching update packages. The HTTPS traffic caching is enabled by default:

The ESET Bridge policy contains the HTTPS certificate, and the Cache HTTPS Traffic toggle is enabled.

The ESET Endpoint for Windows HTTP Proxy Usage policy contains the Certificate Authority for the HTTPS traffic caching.


This installation procedure is for advanced users only. We recommend installing ESET Bridge on a Linux computer remotely using the Software Install task.

1.Visit the ESET PROTECT download section to download a standalone ESET Bridge installer for Linux: eset-bridge.x86_64.bin

2.Open the Terminal in the folder where you saved the installation package and make the file executable:

sudo chmod +x eset-bridge.x86_64.bin

3.Install the package using a Terminal command:

sudo ./eset-bridge.x86_64.bin

3.Press ENTER to read the End User License Agreement. Press Y if you agree with the EULA and acknowledge the Privacy Policy.

4.The binary installer will detect the Linux distribution and extract and install the corresponding package (.rpm on Red Had/CentOS or .deb on Ubuntu). ESET Bridge will start after the installation completes.

In ESET PROTECT Web Console > Computers, there is an icon icon_proxy next to the name of the computer running ESET Bridge.

Note the hostname and IP address of the computer running ESET Bridge. After the installation, configure ESET Bridge for desired functionality.

If the installation is unsuccessful, see Troubleshooting.