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Proxy chaining

ESET Bridge supports proxy chaining—it can forward the traffic to a remote proxy.

All the supported proxy protocols also work with proxy chaining: HTTP, HTTPS, MQTT, TCP, etc.


The proxy chaining mode does not support caching. We will remove this limitation in the next ESET Bridge release.


Follow the steps below to set ESET Bridge in the proxy chaining mode:

1.Open the pkgid file from the installation folder with admin privileges.

Windows: C:\Program Files\ESET\Bridge\pkgid

Linux: /opt/eset/bridge/etc/pkgid

2.Set the http_proxy_settings_remote_proxy_server_enabled option to true.

3.Set the http_proxy_settings_proxy_server_address option with the remote proxy IP address.

4.Set the http_proxy_settings_proxy_server_port option with the remote proxy port.

5.Save the file and restart the ESET Bridge service.


To disable the proxy chaining, set http_proxy_settings_remote_proxy_server_enabled option to false.