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ESET Bridge overview

ESET Bridge is a new ESET software based on the open-source nginx software adjusted for the needs of ESET security solutions.

ESET distributes ESET Bridge with ESET PROTECT 10.0 (and later) as a Proxy component replacing the former Apache HTTP Proxy. See the comparison of ESET Bridge and Apache HTTP Proxy. You can use ESET Bridge also with ESET PROTECT Cloud.

You can connect up to 10,000 computers to ESET PROTECT using ESET Bridge.

You can use ESET Bridge with ESET PROTECT to:

Cache and distribute updates to client computers and installation packages to ESET Management Agent.

Forward communication from ESET Management Agents to ESET PROTECT Server in environments where Agent machines cannot reach the Server directly.

HTTPS traffic caching—ESET Bridge can decrypt and cache HTTPS traffic:

oUpdate requests (modules, repository) sent from a supported ESET security product:

Supported ESET security product

Supported product version

ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows

10 and later

oESET LiveGuard Advanced traffic for ESET PROTECT and the supported ESET security products listed above.


HTTPS traffic caching limitations

ESET Bridge does not support HTTPS traffic caching for ESET security products (and their versions) not listed above.

ESET PROTECT Cloud does not support HTTPS traffic caching—the required certificates are available in ESET PROTECT but not in ESET PROTECT Cloud.

ESET Bridge and ESET PROTECT Cloud support HTTP traffic caching for all ESET security products.

Proxy chaining—ESET Bridge can forward the traffic to a remote proxy.

ESET Bridge in the network infrastructure

The following diagram shows two ESET Bridge machines:

The first ESET Bridge serves as a proxy server distributing ESET cloud traffic to the ESET PROTECT components and ESET endpoint products with direct visibility to ESET PROTECT Server.

The second ESET Bridge forwards communication from ESET Management Agents in a remote location (with no direct connection to ESET PROTECT Server) to ESET PROTECT Server.