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HTTPS traffic caching

ESET Bridge can decrypt and cache HTTPS traffic:

oUpdate requests (modules, repository) sent from a supported ESET security product:

Supported ESET security product

Supported product version

ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows

10 and later

oESET LiveGuard Advanced traffic for ESET PROTECT and the supported ESET security products listed above.


HTTPS traffic caching limitations

ESET Bridge does not support HTTPS traffic caching for ESET security products (and their versions) not listed above.

ESET PROTECT Cloud does not support HTTPS traffic caching—the required certificates are available in ESET PROTECT but not in ESET PROTECT Cloud.

ESET Bridge and ESET PROTECT Cloud support HTTP traffic caching for all ESET security products.

ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer automatically generates ESET Bridge peer certificate, and using a Policy, deploys the certificate into ESET Bridge and ESET PROTECT Certification Authority into ESET security product.

If you installed ESET Bridge using a standalone installer, you need to configure HTTPS traffic caching via Policies:

1.Create or edit an ESET Bridge Policy with these settings:

a.Expand Cache and enable the Cache HTTPS traffic toggle.

b.Click Change certificate next to HTTPS Certificate > click Open certificate list and select ESET Bridge certificate.

2.Create or edit an ESET security product Policy. When setting Proxy Server details in Tools > Proxy Server, click Edit next to Certificate Authorities and add the ESET PROTECT Certification Authority. ESET security products use the Certification Authority to validate the peer certificate from the ESET Bridge Policy.