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ESET Management Agent Policy

Follow the steps below to set up ESET Management Agent Policy to use ESET Bridge as a Proxy.

1.Open the ESET PROTECT Web Console in your web browser and log in.


ESET PROTECT All-in-one installer creates default HTTP Proxy Usage policies for ESET Management Agent and ESET security products applied to the All Static Group. The policies automatically configure ESET Management Agents and ESET security products on managed computers to use ESET Bridge as a Proxy for caching update packages.

If you have existing policies that apply to all Agents and computers, edit your existing policies rather than create new ones. In Policies, click the ESET Management Agent HTTP Proxy Usage policy > select icon_edit Edit > edit policy Settings (skip to Step 4).

2.Click Policies > New Policy.


3.In Basic, type the Name. You can also type the Description and Select tags.


4.Click Settings and select ESET Management Agent from the Select product drop-down menu.

5.Expand Advanced Settings. Select an option from the Proxy Configuration Type drop-down menu under HTTP Proxy:

Global Proxy—Use a single ESET Bridge as a proxy solution for caching downloads and forwarding Agent communication.

Different Proxy Per Service—Use a separate ESET Bridge as a proxy for Agent replication (forwarding communication) and another ESET Bridge for caching of ESET services (for example, updates).


ESET PROTECT Online Help contains a detailed description of all ESET Management Agent Policy settings.


6.Follow the steps based on your previous selection:

arrow_down_business Global Proxy


arrow_down_business Different Proxy Per Service


7.Click Assign and assign the computers or groups as the policy targets. ESET Management Agents on the assigned computers will use ESET Bridge as a proxy (as configured in this policy).

8.Click Finish, or click Summary to see the policy overview and then click Finish.

When ESET Management Agents on managed computers receive the policy, they will connect to ESET Bridge.