Release notes

ESET Business Account 3.47.0


Generate offline files for some bundle licenses directly in the Show details > Offline files section

Redesigned Details screen

Superuser can reset 2FA for other users without disabling 2FA for the whole company

Superuser can set up a unified date and time format for the whole company in the Settings screen

System operations are recorded in audit logs

CSV export of audit logs

Activated devices can be filtered by Sites

An activated device not connecting for several days can be deactivated directly from the Alerts screen

Download installers link has been added to the Help section

Improved license synchronization

Other minor improvements



Issue with ESET Cloud Office Security over-usage

Localization bugs

License synchronization issues

Hard-coded string in particular audit logs

Incomplete export

Other minor and invisible fixes


ESET Business Account 3.45.2


Versions of provisioned cloud services (ESET PROTECT Cloud, ESET Cloud Office Security) added to the About section

ESET PROTECT Cloud and ESET Cloud Office Security activation flow improved

Added ability for the system to provide link to installer source after a user adds new license to ESET Business Account (EBA)

ECOS language setting synchronizes between EBA and ESET MSP Administrator 2

Japanese data center added to ESET PROTECT Cloud activation flow

Users with write access to EBA can manage access to ESET PROTECT Cloud

Other minor improvements.



Automatic deactivation issue for devices not connected

After removing EBA, the ESET PROTECT Cloud instance is removed

Various bugs fixes

Other minor and invisible fixes