Terms related to ESET Business Account (EBA) explained:

Audit log: Logs of various actions in EBA, for example, ESET product activation or login attempts to EBA. See Audit log.

Authorization: Permission to manage a specific ESET license.

Legacy license credentials: Part of your license information that can be used to activate offline products or earlier products that use an ESET-issued Username and Password. These have been replaced in version 6 of ESET business products with a License Key.

License file: A .lic file used for activating ESET business products such as ESET Remote Administrator 5.

License Key: A unique string used to activate your ESET product and identify the license owner.

License Owner: The sole owner of an ESET business license who sees the license state in real time, and/or monitors individual devices activated by the specific license, and has the option to deactivate them.

Offline license: License seats used for activation without internet connection. See Downloading Offline/Legacy Licenses.

Public License ID: A short string to identify the license by a third party; however, cannot be used for activation of ESET products.

Unit (seat): Activated device associated with a specific license. For example, one activated ESET Endpoint Security on one computer means one seat/unit.

Username and Password: See Legacy license credentials.

Subunit: ESET server products may have their "clients", for example, number of email addresses in ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server or number of users in ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint.