Delete ESET Business Account


By permanently deleting your EBA account, all related services (for example, ESET PROTECT Cloud, ESET LiveGuard Advanced, etc.) will be permanently deleted.

To delete your ESET Business Account (EBA) instance:

1.Log in to the ESET Business Account portal.

2.Click Settings, then click Delete next to Delete ESET Business Account.

3.To confirm the deletion, type your ESET Business Account password in the Password confirmation field and click Delete account.


Account has been suspended

After you confirm the deletion of your EBA account through the ESET Business Account portal, you receive an email informing you that your EBA account has been suspended and will be deleted in 30 days. The email contains two links, one for immediate and irreversible deletion of the account, the other link to unsuspend the account within the 30-day time frame.