The ESET DEM Plug-in for NinjaRMM - a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool - allows you to deploy ESET endpoint protection software to your Windows and macOS workstations and servers. Once deployed, ESET endpoint protection software will collect logs about your workstations and servers security statuses.

Integrating with ESET endpoint products

The ESET DEM Plug-in for NinjaRMM  deploys and manages your endpoints without the need for additional servers or an intermediary console. ESET Direct Endpoint Management establishes a direct connection between ESET endpoint products and NinjaRMM.


The ESET DEM Plug-in for NinjaRMM automatically schedules scans and updates for your ESET endpoint products but also allows you to perform on-demand scans and off-schedule updates. You can change the configuration of your endpoint products, activate and deactivate your licenses, and uninstall your endpoint products, all from the NinjaRMM console.

Before you begin

The ESET DEM Plug-in for NinjaRMM must be set up according to the instructions on the customer's NinjaRMM account. Verify that you have already set up and deployed NinjaRMM to your endpoints. Also, verify that you are able to log in to NinjaRMM with administrator privileges, and that endpoint users are receiving notifications from your organization.