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The ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for N-able N-central is a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool that makes monitoring and management easy for ESET Managed Service Providers (MSPs). RMM tools typically monitor system information as well as patch status, Antivirus status and other computer health issues. RMM tools also provide a certain level of automation to fix any health issues that arise or create a support ticket for the MSP to resolve when the issue cannot be resolved through automation.

Managing ESET endpoint products from ESET PROTECT On-Prem

The ESET PROTECT On-Prem console offers additional functionality such as reporting, dynamic groups and specific client tasks policies. If you would like to take advantage of these additional functionalities, you will also need to install the ESET Management Agent on the endpoints you are managing.

Integrating with ESET endpoint products

ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for N-able N-central provides MSPs with the ability to verify the ESET endpoint product installation status and monitor the protection status and the scan/threat logs of endpoint machines using Automation Policies and Custom Services. The DEM components of this integration require ESET endpoint for Windows products version 6.6 and later and ESET File Security for Windows version 6.5 and later.

Automation Policies refer to one-time tasks. Custom Services refer to the monitoring features. Custom Services leverage Automation Policies so that they can be run on an interval, and depending on the return value, it can flag an endpoint in need of attention.


ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for N-able N-central implements the daily tasks necessary to manage ESET endpoint products. Common tasks include deployment of ESET products to endpoints, Activation, Configuration and Scanning. ESET Direct Endpoint Management plugin for N-able N-central utilizes N-able N-central automation policies to perform routine tasks.

Custom Services

Check that ESET endpoint products are installed, monitor the protection status of endpoints and the scan and threat logs.

Service Templates

Custom Services can be grouped into templates. Templates allow you to setup self-healing actions for cases where the monitor results are not acceptable and need to be addressed automatically. For example, if an endpoint machine is not activated, self-healing could execute an activation task.