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Version 1.8

Release date: March 13, 2024

Added: Support for 64-bit Control Center

Added: Ability to send a Deactivation command to Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints

Added: Adjusted languages available for deployment in the plugin. We now support English, German, Dutch, Italian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Turkish and Polish

Changed: Logging in to EMA via the License Management portion of the plugin will now automatically update the activation credentials used by licenses that have already been imported using License Management (NOTE: This is to fix an issue where changing the EMA credentials would force the Admin to go through an update the licenses manually within the integration)

Changed: Added the ability to exclude specific computers from automatic deployment via the blacklist

Changed: Added a new column to the automatic deployment blacklist to help identify computers in the case where multiple clients/locations have similarly named computers

Changed: To provide support for the 64-bit Control Center, it was necessary to remove the Migration Assistant feature of the integration. This should have a low impact as this feature was originally designed to help transition from the old plugin that has been EOL for some time now.

Fixed: Fixed an issue that would cause activation on an already activated EEE endpoint to fail

Version 1.7

Release date: July 22, 2022

Added: Setting to prevent the recreation of monitors during dbagent restart

Added: Gathering of Firewall logs—these are visible in the Thread Log

Added: Filter to computers page for "Agent Online" status

Changed: Browser used for the policy editor within the plugin now uses CEFSharp instead of previously used a WebBrowser control based on IE

Fixed: Bug that prevented updating credentials for multiple licenses all at once

Fixed: Plugin monitors now include a flag for the "Global" group setting

Version 1.6

Release date: November 17, 2021

Added: Support for ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux

Added: Support for ESET Server Security for Linux

Added: Support for v9 ESET security products

Added: Support for deployment of ESET PROTECT Agent

Added: Ability to enable/disable access to a specific portion of the plugin using ConnectWise Automate user classes

Added: Ability to double-click "Table View" Overview charts to quickly navigate to appropriately filtered plugin page

Updated: "Virus Scanner" definitions adding better support for macOS and Linux products

Updated: Choosing to deploy the "Previous" version in advanced deployment options now deploys version 8 of the security product

Fixed: Issue that prevented ESET-specific Report Center reports from running

Version 1.5.2

Release date: N/A

Added: Support for ESET Server Security

Version 1.5.1

Release date: N/A

Removed: References to ESET endpoint version 6 in deployment package. Option now provides the ability to install latest version or previous major version (Currently v7)

Changed: EMA2 "Untrusted" MSPs are no longer offered the ability to adjust seat count from within License Management

Fixed: Issue with Mac Script scheduling

Fixed: Issue with ESET PROTECT On-Prem (ESMC) agents over-writing DEM configured policy

Fixed: Issue with Windows Server endpoints, automatic deployment and OS exclusion

Version 1.5

Release date: December 23, 2020

Added: Option to choose the exact product for deployment in Advanced Settings of Package Creation

Added: Uninstall ESET option in Product field when deploying from Computers table, without the need to create a deployment package first

Added: 'Blocked files' and 'Filtered Websites' log support in Threat logs

Added: 'Resend Policy' option within the ESET Tasks drop-down menu

Added: Ability to clear protection status alerts in ESET Tasks drop-down menu in Computers table to avoid unnecessary ticket creation for offline agents

Added: Context Menu for computers in Threat logs and Scan logs grids containing options 'Show Computer Detail'; 'Computer Properties'; 'Refresh System Info'; 'On-Demand Scan'

Added: Filter option (both include * by default and exclude !) for 'Threat Source' in Threat log table

Added: Data exclusion filter option taking string starting with ! as an input (e.g. !Computername)

Added: Display of warning about restricted characters in EMA2 Security Admin passwords

Added: Support for ConnectWise Automate download caching. ESET downloads now leverage downloader provided by ConnectWise Automate API instead. (Please see the following link)

Changed: First column in relevant tables is now “frozen” to improve scrolling interaction and visibility when selecting rows and "checkboxing" fields

Changed: OS exclusion checkboxes logic for deploying of relevant products only

Fixed: Scan logs out of sync

Fixed: EFSW product activation

Fixed: v8 product configuration

Fixed: Other minor issues

Version 1.4

Release date: January 10, 2020

Added: License Management feature that will allow the administrator to connect DEM plugin with EMA2 and manage licenses (usage status and increase/decrease quantity)

Added: ConnectWise Automate Report Center reports which bring 9 out-of-the-box monitoring templates

Added: New Column in OVERVIEW shows COMPUTER OS

Added: "Automatic Refresh" check box to lists and charts

Added: EVENT LOG now shows events for successful/unsuccessful Policy Application

Added: Double clicking a chart in the dashboard will display a pre-filtered view of the selected section

Added: New option in settings to hide endpoints according to clients/locations from being displayed in the OVERVIEW and COMPUTERS page

Added: New Monitor that can detect “License Expired”

Changed: Ability to select and edit multiple licenses at the same time

Changed: Additional info in threat logs

Changed: Additional info in scan logs

Changed: When ordering a table by pressing a column header, the table now scrolls to top

Fixed: Mac deployment failure

Fixed: in Threat logs, threat object URIs are no longer encoded

Fixed: Non-ASCII characters displayed incorrectly in Protection Status

Fixed: News page

Fixed: Other minor issues

Version 1.3.2

Release date: June 12, 2019

Added: In 'Daily Usage Log' ‘Product Name', ‘License’ and ‘Client’ filters

Added: In 'Policies' option to 'Automatically update product to latest version'

Added: Additional auditing actions

Added: Option to copy policy

Added: EEE to daily usage log

Added: Event for successful/unsuccessful activation of product

Changed: Policies are now set alphanumerically

Changed: Deployment of latest EEE version (including support for 30 day trial licenses)

Changed: Ability to select multiple computers at once

Version 1.3

Release date: April 3, 2019

Added: Support for ESET endpoint products for MacOS X. For best results, manually schedule "ESET DEM - Gather Mac Plugin Data". Recommended interval is every one hour, so it works on a similar schedule to the gather process for Windows machines.

Added: "Agent Status" column to Computers

Added: "ESET License ID" and "Module Version" filters to Computers

Added: A service on the remote agent runs threat checks every five minutes. Reports are sent as needed.


This is a Windows-only feature.

Added: Export an agent.bat (or .sh) from ESET PROTECT On-Prem and attach the file to a deployment package

Fixed: Deployment Package advanced settings drop-down menu values

Changed: Protection status reports a "Protected" status instead of a blank value


Must perform a resend system info on these machines for the new status to appear.

Changed: Automatic deployment blacklist can be manually appended to add ConnectWise Groups, Locations and Clients

Changed: Policies have been separated from a package model to a per-product model

Changed: Migration assistant reflects the policy interface changes

Changed: "DESlock change password" no longer shows on the agent system tray menu if DESlock is not currently installed

Changed: All references to DESlock have been updated to reflect new product name ESET Endpoint Encryption

Version 1.2

Release date: January 2, 2019

Added: Advanced Deployment Package option to allow selection between deploying Version 6 or Version 7 endpoint security products

Added: Open ConnectWise Automate “Computer” window from context menu in the plugin

Added: "Computers" and “Log” views now have the ability to group by table or by one or more columns

Added: Added additional filters to "Computers" and “Log” views including “Computer Name”

Added: Added more descriptive dialogs for Policy editor failures

Fixed: Y-Axis graph values should now be properly formatted

Removed: Some unnecessary debug values being printed to computer logs have now been removed

New functionality: EEE Full Disk Encryption

Plugin now supports EEE Full Disk Encryption (Special RMM EEE mode, deployed and managed via the plugin. Provides Full Disk Encryption for computer’s system disk. Does *Not* support EEE encrypted endpoints that are currently being managed by EEE enterprise server.)

EEE functionality and UI elements are only displayed when EEE FDE license is added to DEM plugin “Licenses”

Features include o Deploy EEE Full Disk Encryption to ConnectWise Automate controlled Windows computers via plugin _or_ ConnectWise Automate Script ▪ Ability to set limit for incorrect password attempts

Configurable message to display to user at start of encryption process

Option to install EEE product and postpone encryption process until initiated by MSP

View computer EEE status, Version and License

Encrypt and Decrypt remotely

Recover lost user credentials

Change EEE username or password remotely

Special maintenance mode that can be enabled for a specified number of reboots or a time rage that allows reboot of machine without requiring login credentials. This can be initiated via the plugin, or by incorporating the provided ConnectWise Automate Script into scripts used during standard maintenance workflow

Version 1.1

Release date: N/A

Added: "Online Help" link to dashboard above "Feedback"

Added: Buttons to open ELA and EMA in default web browser from plugin's license page

Added: Additional Internal Monitors

Added: Added a column for "plugin controlled" to endpoints page

Added: Filter for "plugin controlled" to endpoint page

Added: Protection status will now indicate if EFSW 6.5 is not set for Full Access

Added: Support for v7 products

Added: Setting to turn on FasTalk when sending commands/tasks

Added: Setting to disable policy and deployment tasks when computer is flagged a in "maintenance mode"

Added: ConnectWise Automate Scripts to allow deploying plugin defined packages and product activations

Added: New migration assistant to help customer import policies and licenses from the ConnectWise ERA plugin or ERA 6.5 server

Fixed: Clicking "ESET Direct Endpoint Management" Control Center Tools button should now correctly bring the plugin window to the front if it is already open

Fixed: Trying to add a standard license key results in a "you must enter a license key" dialog box

Fixed: EFSW now properly deploys with eshell set to "full access"

Fixed: "Password is set" now properly goes away when clearing exclusions password

Fixed: A number of policy/configuration related issues. May require you to "Edit Policy -> Save" to fix certain issues. One product specific issue still exists, please see known issues section below.

Changed: Filters now behave in a more persistent manner. For instance, filter is set on endpoints page, user navigates away and back again to endpoints and the filter will be remembered

Changed: Removed "Context-menu" as an option when performing an on-demand scan from the plugin. This option did not make sense when used in this context.

Changed: Policy merges are now calculated on ConnectWise Automate server using the same algorithm used by ERA. This will result in more consistent behavior.

Changed: Importing a policy can now be in the form of base64 encoded policy data or configuration XML

Changed: Exporting a policy can now export in the form of base64 encoded policy data or a configuration XML

Changed: "Number of settings" indicator on policy screen was inaccurate and has now been changed to simply notate if the policy contains any settings for the specific product

Changed: Configuration editor has been changed to operate in policy mode, which now contains append/replace flags directly in the editor. As a result, "list handling" advanced option has now been removed. You may want to review append/replace flags for any policies that are subject to merge.

Changed: Configuration Engine is no longer a separate executable. The libraries for this functionality are now distributed via ConnectWise Automate’s Solutions Center.

Version 1.0

Release date: November 2, 2018

Initial Release