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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Log Collector

  • New: ESET Banking & Payment protection logs added to logs collection
  • New: EPNS diagnostic logs added to diagnostic collection
  • New: NAF quarantine diagnostic files added to quarantine collection
  • Changed: Renamed EI Connector (EI Agent) configuration files added to EI collection
  • New: ESET Sysinspector log support added.
  • Bug-fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed: Broken ZIP packer – Files containing a certain type of data might have been packed in a damaged state
  • Changed: Device enumeration: The new file deviceTree.json replaces two old files: setupClasses.txt and interfaceClasses.txt
  • Added: Support for application statuses generated by new products.
  • Fixed: Log Collector freezes on SBS2008 without ESET product (or SysInspector).
  • Fixed: Wrong SysInspector version is downloaded on 64-bit OS.
  • Fixed: System & App Windows events logs in XML format are identical.
  • Added: Possibility to close Log Collector during a collecting process
  • Added: Default smaller quarantined files' collection
  • Added: Information message after end of collecting process via cmd
  • Added: Data collection from C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security folder
  • Added: Collection of versions.csv with information about previously installed ESET products
  • Added: Collection of Proxy and Tomcat logs from ESMC installations
  • Added: Collection of logs for FDE
  • Added: EVTX system and application logs
  • Added: Export product settings with diagnostic reason
  • Added: Command-line help for "lang" argument
  • Added: Additional information about "WARNING: Failed to execute PowerShell command"
  • Fixed: Log records rewrite logged targets
  • Fixed: Missing "operation log"
  • Fixed: Operation log is not collected
  • Fixed: The archive file extension is corrupted after using the name with the maximum number of characters
  • Other bug-fixes and localization improvements
  • Added: Option to export merged configuration to ELC
  • Added: Collecting diagnostic logs for OneDrive scan
  • Added: Export of current devices to ELC
  • Added: List of mounted volumes
  • Added: Option to collect ERA/ESMC Agent database, information about installed/not-installed MSI features, Application and System event logs in the native evtx format, WMI repository, WMI-activity event logs
  • Added: Support for Audit Logs
  • Added: Support for Enterprise Inspector
  • Added: Command-line option to set UI language
  • Added: Compatibility with latest products
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes and localization improvements
Version 3.2.0.X
  • Added: New logs for v7 products
  • Changed: “ESET greylisting log” renamed “ESET SMTP protection log” for EMSX v7
  • Fixed: OneDrive scan log is not collected
  • Fixed: Network protection log is not collected
  • Fixed: Various functional and localization bugs
  • Fixed: Antispam diagnostic logs are not collected
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Added: Export of application statuses
  • Added: Ability to select collection profile in command line
  • Added: Ability to collect product feature states
  • Added: Ability to collect ECP communication log
  • Added: Ability to collect last applied policy
  • Added: Ability to collect log with the status of WFP filters
  • Added: Log info about drives
  • Improved: Various localization improvements

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