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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Version 9.0.10010.0
  • FIXED: Protected antimalware service will not time out any longer during boot when Windows updates keep the file-system busy
Version 9.0.10009.0
  • Added: Additional variables for "Format of the text used to replace deleted attachments"
  • Fixed: Issue with excessive memory allocation during Antiphishing scan
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect blocking of attachments based on the dangerous attachment rule
  • Fixed: Issue with wrong value of enveloper sender in MS Exchange quarantine
  • Fixed: Issue with removing of multiline headers in Rules
  • Fixed: Issue with a redundant log for infected attachment. When the blocked attachment is moved to quarantine and contains an infection, redundant entry with "unable to clean" action created in the virlog was fixed
Version 9.0.10008.0
  • Added: New rule add action "Skip ESET LiveGuard (old name ** EDTD) scan"
  • Added: The option to filter emails (message body) according to the list of words. (e.g. profanity words)
  • Added: The option for deleting just the attachment while the message body is delivered to the recipient
  • Added: The option to scan all attachments quarantined by rules also by AV scanner
  • Added: The option to check quarantined attachments also by ESET LiveGuard (old name EDTD)
  • Added: HTTPS links are now enabled, to release items directly from mail quarantine reports
  • Improved: The handling of detected attachments (user can replace quarantined/deleted messages with custom text)
  • Improved: The Web quarantine interface and its behaviour (i.e. automatic refresh when the page size changes)
  • Improved: SPF: possibility to verify MAIL FROM domain first before HELO domain
  • Improved: Debug log records were added to Mail quarantine reports
  • Improved: Debug log extended about the user who released a message from quarantine
  • Improved: A Time limit option was added to scheduled On-demand scans to have the possibility to stop the scan after a defined period of time automatically
  • Improved: DKIM was improved - user can determine which emails should be signed
  • Improved: Background activities are shown in the tray icon
  • Improved: Quarantine attachment envelope text was improved by added support for malware detection
  • Improved: Improvements were made in the DKIM settings section
  • Improved: Database scan remaining time indicates real-time as it is for computer scan
  • Improved: Support for malware detections was improved in quarantine attachment envelope text
  • Improved: The formatting to Notification in the body for scanned emails
  • Improved: Web quarantine customisation related mainly to the GUI
  • Fixed: The expiration date is now correctly sent to ESET PROTECT when the license has an MSP flag AND is not trial
  • Fixed: The module folder is now not present in the non-system drive after uninstall
  • Fixed: Error while adding a message to local quarantine - events log is now solved
  • Fixed: The body of quarantined messages is now localized correctly
  • Fixed: Headers in detail of quarantined record are now shown correctly
  • Fixed: After changing the uPCU update type advanced setup works now correctly
  • Fixed: In a hybrid environment, scanning remote shared mailboxes works properly
  • Fixed: Infected emails can be now released from quarantine without returning back
  • Fixed: Turning on disabled or paused features in the setup panel works correctly
  • Fixed: Mail with infected attachments is properly quarantined
  • Fixed: Handling of damaged mail that passed ESET LiveGuard (old name EDTD) analysis was fixed
  • Fixed: SPF evaluation set via rules is working now properly
Version 8.0.10022.0
  • Fixed: Protected antimalware service will not time out any longer during boot when Windows updates keep the file-system busy
Version 8.0.10020.0
  • Fixed: vulnerability CVE-2022-27167
Version 8.0.10019.0
  • Fixed: IPs for the whitelisted domains are listed under the domains correctly
  • Fixed: Correct regeneration time period for automatic exclusions
  • Fixed: eShell: clear scan command error fixed
  • Fixed: AMSI is working correctly
  • Fixed: Corrected behaviour for edevmon driver outside of ESET product
Version 8.0.10018.0
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2021-37852 [CVSS 7.8] - reported externally
Version 8.0.10016.0
  • Improved: Minor Mail Quarantine improvements
  • Fixed: Translation and localization settings
  • Fixed: Scheduler settings
  • Fixed: Windows defender automatic turn on once product is uninstalled
  • Fixed: Phishing emails can be released from Mail Quarantine
  • Fixed: eShell can perform exclusions
  • Fixed: Scanning of public folders
  • Fixed: Possibility to add components after performing Modify & Repair action
Version 8.0.10014.0
  • Fixed: Mailbox database scan cannot be cancelled by the user
  • Fixed: SSP: SPF validation doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Mail quarantine: Items quarantined by previous versions are not visible after upgrade to v8
  • Fixed: eShell: Unable to set a password for on-demand database scan
  • Fixed: Mail quarantine: The only limited number of cluster nodes can be displayed in GUI
  • Added: Rules: Update/add tooltips
Version 8.0.10012.0
  • Added: Log: better visibility for NOT_SCANNED emails in Mailserver protection log/details.
  • Added: MicroPCU technology with central EULA updates handling.
  • Added: Sender spoofing: add Message From: to Mail server protection log.
  • Added: Sender spoofing: add separate 'SPF results' condition for the message 'From'.
  • Added: Sender spoofing: add rule condition for comparing SMTP sender with "From" sender.
  • Added: Sender spoofing: add option to reject messages coming from outside with recipient's own domain
  • Added: Rules: Add%ReplyToAddress% placeholder to string condition
  • Added: Log: Anti-phishing detection should have higher priority over antispam detection
  • Added: Audit Logs: editing rules transport layer, rules before and after restore, creating rules transport layer, creating rules for database protection.
  • Improved: Fixed slow restart and shut down of the product during the upgrade or the repair.

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