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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino

Version 10.0.14004.0
  • New: Rules: condition for antispam result category
  • New: Rules: macro placeholders for existing antispam whitelists
  • New: Scheduled on-demand scan with login credentials
  • New: Dark mode added
  • New: ESET Bridge support
  • New: New product installer with minimal modules
  • Improved: GUI redesign
  • Improved: New concept of communication of pending product updates, and end user license agreement
  • Improved: Optimization and performance improvements of email client protection module
  • Improved: SysInspector GUI redesign
  • Improved: Device control improvement
  • Fixed: Attachment name rule incorrectly blocking .msg attachments
  • Removed: ESET Shared local cache removed due to the EOL status
  • Removed: Compatibility with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Removed: Repair and modify options removed from product installer
Version 9.0.14006.0
  • Fixed: Protected antimalware service will not time out any longer during boot when Windows updates keep the file-system busy
Version 9.0.14005.0
  • Improved: Database scan remaining time indicates real-time as it is for computer scan
  • Improved: DA time limit option was added to scheduled On-demand scans to have the possibility to stop the scan after a defined period of time automatically
  • Improved: DPossibility to automatically load internet domains from the Global Domain document
  • Improved: DSPF: possibility to verify MAIL FROM domain first before HELO domain
  • Improved: DWhen the database scan is running, the tray icon has the status "Database scan is running"
  • Added: Issue switcher to the ekrn plugin to display statuses was added
  • Added: Application status for paused AntiPhishing protection was added
  • Added: An automated screenshot of the EMSL product was added
  • Fixed: "Mail server antispam protection disabled" was replaced by the new wording "Mail server antispam protection paused" is now fully functional
  • Fixed: The server scan task started successfully with the Domino database containing a larger amount of mailboxes
  • Fixed: AV alarm in ESET INSPECT console (agent log error) works now properly
  • Fixed: "Rules applied" count updated in real-time while running Database Scan
  • Fixed: Database scan is now possible to be stopped by the user
  • Fixed: GUI freezing issues fixed when user clicks on Database scan
  • Fixed: GUI issue with checkbox 'Scan excluded databases' is now marked according to the user preferences
  • Fixed: Advanced setup is now fixed when the uPCU update type is changed
  • Fixed: Status messages about cleaning settings are now shown properly
  • Fixed: Quarantine - threat name in attachment envelope is now shown correctly
Version 8.0.14012.0
  • Fixed: Protected antimalware service will not time out any longer during boot when Windows updates keep the file-system busy
Version 8.0.14011.0
  • Fixed: Vulnerability CVE-2022-27167
Version 8.0.14010.0
  • Fixed: Correct regeneration time period for automatic exclusions
  • Fixed: eShell: clear scan command error fixed
  • Fixed: AMSI is working correctly
  • Fixed: Corrected behaviour for edevmon driver outside of ESET product
Version 8.0.14009.0
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2021-37852 [CVSS 7.8] - reported externally
Version 8.0.14004.0
  • Added: MicroPCU technology with central EULA updates handling.
  • Added: Audit logs
  • Added: Mail server protection log: better visibility for NOT_SCANNED emails
  • Added: Log: Anti-phishing detection should have higher priority over antispam detection
  • Added: Mail server protection log: log separately Envelope sender (MAIL FROM) and From header
  • Improved> Added DAOS directory to automatic exclusions
Version 7.3.14001.0
  • Added: Internal technology improvements
  • Added: Compatibility with future Windows Server operating systems
  • Added: eShell option to pause computer and hyper-v scan for user defined period
  • Fixed: Various eShell fixes and improvements
  • Fixed: When the main product view shows "functional" and under Setup/Computer RTP shows "non-functional" (under specific conditions)
  • Fixed: Various localization and functional bugs
Version 7.3.14004.0
  • Fixed: Protected antimalware service will not time out any longer during boot when Windows updates keep the file-system busy

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