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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Full Disk Encryption for macOS

  • Changed: UI updated with new logo
  • Improved: Updated EULA
  • Improved: UI updated with "Progress. Protected."
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem where expiration dates would be shown for MSP productive licenses
  • Added: Automatic update of modules
  • Added: Section in the user interface to show the installed modules
  • Added: Ability to open ESET Full Disk Encryption via Spotlight or Applications List
  • Added: UKR, NOR, FIN, SVE, DAN languages
  • Improved: Various localization improvements
  • Fixed: Expired licence behaviour
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem where recovery password sometimes might not be synchronized to the Protect console.
  • New: Management of ESET Full Disk Encryption for macOS via management consoles
  • New: Management of native Apple´s FileVault2 encryption
  • New: Management via ESET Protect/ ESET Protect Cloud policies
  • New: Encryption tile on a Computer Details screen for comfortable and easy management
  • New: Recovery password generated by console for immediate help for locked-out systems
  • New: Encryption recovery methods also in Help section
  • New: Decryption applicable via policy
  • New: Separate EFDE user interface (application) on macOS endpoints
  • New: Reporting on encryption/ decryption status

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