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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Full Disk Encryption for Windows

  • Added: Repository load balancing support for automatic updates
  • Improved: Added crash dump support for the AIS service
  • Fixed: Keyboard layouts that did not adhere to caps lock rules for number keys within the bootloader. For example French and German.
  • Fixed: A problem where the AIS service would crash due to insufficient local system permissions to the service control manager
  • Fixed: A problem where the enter key would not move focus to the next interactable element in the bootloader
  • Added: Automatic application updates now use the proxy settings
  • Fixed: A problem where multiple disks would be grouped as one within the UI
  • Fixed: A problem where upgrading to version 1.4 caused black screen when booting on systems with older UEFI implementations
  • Fixed: The bootloader now adheres to the 'User can change password' policy
  • Fixed: A problem where proxy settings were not being applied
  • Fixed: A problem where the product could become deactivated randomly
  • Fixed: A problem with keyboard keys in the bootloader. When Caps Lock was on and combined with modifier keys (SHIFT, CTRL, etc) the wrong characters would be outputted
  • Fixed: A problem when EFDE automatically updated, a status message would show stating the update had failed
  • Fixed: A problem in certain environments which would cause the Agent Interface Service to crash
  • Added: Support for automatic upgrades via ESET PROTECT console
  • Added: Support to detect missing UEFI Microsoft 3rd Party Certificate Authority
  • Added: Mouse support in bootloader
  • Improved: Seat data is now updated on the EFDE license when changes are detected
  • Improved: Various bootloader user interface improvements
  • Improved: New look user interface
  • Improved: EFDE will now use the common proxy policy
  • Improved: ENG US keyboard layout is only added to the operating system when required
  • Improved: Automatically generate new recovery password is set to on by default
  • Changed: Product versioning aligned with ESET versioning rules
  • Fixed: A problem with systems freezing upon booting with encrypted SSSTC disks
  • Fixed: A problem with Wortmann Terra devices freezing when the touchpad is touched within the bootloader
  • Fixed: Online help links are now redirected properly
  • Fixed: EFDE can no longer be installed on Windows Server 2019/2022
  • Fixed: When a TPM is in a locked state the TPM recovery code is no longer shown
  • Removed: OS support for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1
  • Fixed: Reinstalling ESET Full Disk Encryption would not apply the policy if one was set within the install package
  • Fixed: Changing your password in Windows could disable the change password option in the pre-boot environment
  • Fixed: A problem where BitLocker could not be disabled or enabled when Full Disk Encryption was installed
  • Fixed: A problem using TPM encryption, where the system could go into automatic repair when using a disk with an SMI 2263XT controller
  • Fixed: Some systems experienced blue screens (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED) after performing SafeStart
  • Fixed: A problem where changing the pre-boot password before the systems first reboot would cause the change password option to not display on the bootloader
  • Improved: Various localization improvements
  • Improved: Updated EULA
  • Fixed: Temporarily disabling FDE authentication now automatically changes the GUI after the set period of time
  • Fixed: Service no longer crashes when MS Storage Spaces are being used on the system
  • Fixed: A problem if an OPAL encrypted system crashes for any reason, the software would report it is no longer encrypted on next reboot
  • Fixed: A problem where the pre-boot authentication screen would freeze when a 2nd monitor is connected or disconnected
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2022-2402 [CVSS 6.5] - reported externally
  • Fixed: A problem were the pre-boot loader would not be updated during an upgrade
  • Fixed: A problem with HP Elitebook failing to boot with "Unable to locate operating system boot file" error
  • Fixed: MSP licenses now show no expiration in the ESET Protect console
  • Fixed: Workaround for a bug in some Lenovo UEFI implementations, that incorrectly report parameters of NVMe drives. This prevented affected systems from booting, when encrypted using TPM with NVMe drives.
  • Added: The pause authentication command now accepts the ISO8601 date/time format
  • Fixed: In rare instances computers encrypted with EFDE v1.3.0 may start decryption on their own
  • Fixed: Offline licences now activate correctly when used with install and activation tasks
  • Fixed: A problem where a Full Disk Encrypted system could fail to boot with "Unable to locate operating system boot file" error
  • Fixed: Resuming pre-boot authentication via the resume task no longer fails when the pause time has already lapsed
  • Fixed: A problem syncing recovery data when encrypting a system straight after decryption
  • Fixed: An issue with MBR partition schemed disks where the recovery data would be sent to the ESET Protect with an invalid workstation ID
  • Added: Starting with this release. Installing EFDE on Windows 7 requires the SHA-2 code signing updates KB4474419 & KB4490628.
  • Added: Automatic update of modules
  • Added: Section in the user interface to show the installed modules
  • Added: Ability to deploy the installer with a predefined password and keyboard map to start Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
  • Added: English (Indian) keyboard layout
  • Added: Status message when encryption is paused if the system is running on battery power
  • Added: Ability to generate new recovery passwords from the ESET Protect console
  • Added: Ability to control FDE authentication via the command line
  • Added: Ability to add keyboard layouts via the command line
  • Added: Status message when the system has an unsupported dynamic disk
  • Added: Ability to retry encryption from the ESET Protect console if encryption has failed
  • Improved: The encryption percentage symbol is on the same line in all languages
  • Improved: Various localization improvements
  • Fixed: Disks no longer show as RAW in the user interface when the EFDE service is not running
  • Fixed: Postponing encryption no longer results in the system being reported as incompatible with EFDE
  • Fixed: License information now displays correctly in the user interface prior to the initial installation reboot
  • Fixed: The user interface window focus now behaves correctly
  • Fixed: The recovery password index is now correct after re-encryption
  • Fixed: User interface latency issues in certain network environments
  • Fixed: A problem with SafeStart on Lenovo devices
  • Fixed: Various issues with user interface scaling, snapping, naming, and shortcuts
  • Fixed: The presentation mode state was not reset after a service restart
  • Improvement: EFDE no longer clears the TPM before it is used during encryption. This resolves possible compatibility issues with other software that may also use the TPM, e.g. Office 365 apps.
  • Fixed: Localisation issues with UKR, PLK and JPN
  • Fixed: Installation through the AIO installer now installs in the correct language
  • Fixed: A problem where TPMs could not be initialized during encryption, on a fresh install of Windows 10 20H2 (not upgrade), Already encrypted systems were not affected.
  • Fixed: A problem where TPMs could not be initialized during encryption, on Windows 10 deployed using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or some other deployment tools.
  • Fixed: A problem where the service would intermittently crash on start-up
  • Fixed: A problem where activation through a proxy server was not possible
  • Fixed: A problem where when a large policy is assigned to EFDE, it will fail to start encryption
  • Fixed: Automatically generated passwords will now appear in the ESMC help menu
  • Fixed: Improved TPM initialization on boot
  • Fixed: A problem where some software encrypted workstations occasionally fail to start or resume from sleep, with a power_state_faliure error.

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