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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Endpoint Security for Windows

Version 11.1.2039.2
  • New: Support for On-demand Vulnerability scan for Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • New: Vulnerability and Patch Management scheduler advanced options to enforce patching of missing patches automatically
  • New: Vulnerability and Patch Management logging capability both locally and reporting to ESET Protect console
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2024-3779 [expected CVSS 6.1] - reported externally under responsible disclosure policy
  • Fixed: Persistent AMSI registration
  • Improved: Override mode not asking for Advanced setup password when enabling
  • Improved: Possibility to set weather locally changed settings during Override mode are reverted after ending it
  • Improved: Start/End of Override mode possibilities added to Setup page and tray icon context menu
  • Improved: Device control distinguishes between camera and scanner by icon in Populate devices
Version 11.0.2044.0
  • Fixed: Occasional freeze of Operating system caused by Real-time File System Protection
  • Fixed: Device control rules applied incorrectly for devices having non-standard characters in Serial number
  • Fixed: EGUI interfering with Codegate's SAFE Panic button application
  • Fixed: Real-time file system protection module blocks access to office files created by Linux/Mac applications on network drive
  • Fixed: Filtering mode of Firewall set incorrectly to Interactive mode while importing XML configuration during installation
  • Fixed: Export of Performance exclusions list contains exclusions set by policy, even when the list is filtered to show only locally created exclusions
  • Fixed: Reactivation of previously deactivated Endpoint license
Version 11.0.2032.0
  • New: In-product support state informing according to the End of Life policy
  • New: Automatic OS patching for Vulnerability & Patch management
  • New: Storage allocation check for Vulnerability & Patch management
  • New: Check for Azure code signing compatibility of Operating system during installation
  • Removed: Secure Browser Websites redirection, replaced by Secure all browsers protection
  • Fixed: User interface occasionally not available after start
  • Fixed: Wifi related activators in network profile switching
  • Fixed: Services\efwd\ImagePath registry entries not bound by quotation marks
  • Improved: Configuration export protected by admin rights needed
  • Improved: Deletion of any log is recorded in Audit log
  • Improved: Alternative identification of USB device by Device control not providing serial number
Version 10.1.2063.0
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2024-0353 [expected CVSS 7.8] - reported externally under responsible disclosure policy
  • Fixed: Occasional slowdown or corruption of file transferred via network
  • Fixed: Slow start of GUI when Application patches pending in Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • Fixed: Missing some information in Firewall rule created automatically via Interactive mode
Version 10.1.2058.0
  • Fixed: Specific VB macro based malware not detected in docx documents
  • Fixed: GUI crash when navigating to Network connections list
  • Fixed: Operating system freezes caused by Endpoint Security product having unavailable network path excluded
  • Fixed: Vulnerability & Patch Management feature not available after Auto-update
  • Fixed: Check for Azure code signing compatibility of Operating system during installation
  • Improved: Extended possible columns in Firewall rule list
Version 10.1.2050.0
  • Fixed: ESET Service process crashing while using LTE modems
  • Fixed: Unable to activate ESET Endpoint using MSP credentials
  • Fixed: Application modification alert not displayed
  • Fixed: Default Firewall rules have different values in 10.1 compared to 10.0
  • Fixed: Activation retention on cloned Virtual machines
  • Fixed: Countdown of Close applications notification to apply the patch
  • Fixed: Device restart after applying of patch behavior
  • Improved: Added more optional columns to firewall rule list
Version 10.1.2046.0
  • New: Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • New: Firewall redesign and unification across platforms
  • New: ESET PROTECT HUB support
  • New: Support for forced check of product auto-upgrades via ESET PROTECT console
  • New: Sending documents by default after enabling of ESET LiveGuard Advanced
  • New: Support for SHA-256 file hash
  • New: Features rework - configuration structure and dependency of features
  • Fixed: Incorrect action available for HIPS sub-features
  • Fixed: ESET Inspect offline license file activation
  • Fixed: Format mismatch of imported data from CSV into URL address list in Web control
  • Fixed: Behavior of 'Do not remind me again' link in ESET Push notification service not available application status
Version 10.0.2052.0
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2024-0353 [expected CVSS 7.8] - reported externally under responsible disclosure policy
  • Fixed: Occasional slowdown or corruption of file transferred via network
Version 10.0.2049.0
  • Fixed: Detection in Removable media when Media to scan set to Removable media only
  • Fixed: Missing Restart required Interactive Alert after upgrade from older version
  • Fixed: Check for Azure code signing compatibility of Operating system during installation
  • Fixed: Error when submitting file to LiveGrid
  • Improved: Prevent duplicate scans to be executed at the same time
Version 10.0.2045.0
  • Fixed: Product reports incorrect version number when manual installation is executed and Auto-update is pending
  • Fixed: Device Control not blocking particular disk storage model from Western Digital®
  • Fixed: Offline license file product activation in specific scenarios
  • Fixed: Missing configuration section of Document protection after otherwise successful Auto-update
  • Fixed: Attaching data to Technical support report from SysInspector
  • Fixed: Updating modules from Removable media storage
  • Fixed: Minor typos and localization fixes
  • Fixed: Incorrect order of attachments scanning if message contains related attachments
  • Improved: Miscellaneous fixes in Graphical user interface after redesign
  • Improved: Stability and compatibility of Email client protection for MS Outlook

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