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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Inspect Server (formerly ESET Enterprise Inspector Server)

Version 1.9.2423.0
  • Improved: Optimization of memory usage caused by operation's cache in ESET Inspect Connector
  • Improved: Option to Submit selected executables to LiveGuard in the "Executables" view
  • Fixed: Performance, stability and memory issues
  • Fixed: Rules actions operability and exporting issues
Version 1.9.2404.0
  • New: Multitenancy for selective Access Rights control and targeting of e.g. Detection Rules per tenant
  • New: Integration with LiveGuard Advanced cloud sandbox
  • Added: Ability to Report Incident as an action available in the Rules syntax
  • Added: Ability for Endpoint Detection types to be matched in the EI Rules (for elevation to Incident)
  • Added: Monitoring of selected Win API calls
  • Added: Canary files utilization for enhanced detection of Ransomware behaviors
  • Improved: Detection of multiple similar network events in a row (previously considered as "duplicates")
  • Improved: Signals about potentially suspicious events from Firewall and Network protection layers
  • Added: Ability to detect events of writing to and modifying multiple files
  • Added: Link between URL connections and dropped files (for improved investigation of Incidents)
  • Added: Ability to detect setting file attributes ("SetFileAttribute") on Linux
  • Added: Ability to detect and investigate a process deleting its files
  • Added: REST API now enables Incident Management capabilities
  • Added: REST API now allows searching for Executables and their metadata
  • Added: User Logout as a new action
  • Added: Submit files to LiveGuard Advanced analysis as a new action
  • Added: "Remember this device" for login when using 2FA
  • Improved: Database and general performance
  • Improved: Executable certificate signature verification method
Version 1.8.2218.0
  • Fixed: EI Server crashes
  • Fixed: EI Connector crashes when connecting via Remote Terminal
  • Fixed: EI Connector crashes when printing errors
  • Fixed: Update to v1.8 failing due to lack of disk space
Version 1.8.2214.0
  • Fixed: Crashing of EI Server
  • Fixed: Memory Leaks
  • Fixed: EI Server installation failing
  • Fixed: EI Connector not running on Ubuntu 22.04
  • Fixed: Rule triggering on Linux
  • Fixed: Some Events not being sent to EI Server on Linux
  • Improved: Console log-in performance
  • Added: Incidents data synchronization with ESET PROTECT for new Incidents dashboard
  • Added: Event filtering based on "FileAttribute"
Version 1.8.2211.0
  • Changed: Moving of Detection Rules evaluation from the central EI Server to individual endpoints
  • Added: ESET MSP Administrator integration
  • Improved: Partitioning of Processes table
  • Added: Display Purge status overview
  • Added: Ability to monitor SYS Files
  • Added: Ability to monitor Kernel module load/unload operations on Linux
  • Improved: Computer Reboot and Shutdown exposed to Rule engine as response actions
  • Changed: Alignment of context menus and toolbars to match ESET PROTECT
  • Improved: Ability to go from Process's raw events to Computer's raw events
  • New: ISO certification achieved for ESET Inspect Cloud
Version 1.7.1991.0
  • Added: Support for EI Agent configuration by installer using policy file
  • Added: Hardening of EI Cloud security
  • Added: Ability to invoke Product Tour ("Onboarding Wizard") on-demand from Help menu
  • Changed: Default filter in Computers view to also show Computers without EI Connector
  • Fixed: Issue with some Exclusions not working correctly
  • Fixed: Issue of unknown connection ID being received for some events
  • Fixed: The "Select rule actions" dialog in Remediation menu not resetting choices correctly
  • Fixed: Issue with Computer events process filter losing its value when the page is reloaded
  • Fixed: Incorrect heading and Online Help links in the Onboarding Wizard
  • Fixed: The "License" link in Help
  • Fixed: Incorrect operation type being displayed for some Rule based Detections
  • Fixed: The Detection Info filter in Detections view not behaving correctly
  • Fixed: Issue with EI Connector for Linux requiring to be restarted after upgrade
  • Fixed: "Assignee" filter in Incidents view incorrect behavior
  • Fixed: Connectivity issues when used with Proxy
  • Fixed: Issue with optional Rules being incorrectly disabled after upgrade
  • Fixed: Rules that should not be enabled being enabled unexpectedly
  • Fixed: Landing page design for invalid redirects
  • Fixed: Sync issue between EPC and EIC related to static groups/computers/metadata/alerts
  • Fixed: Performance degradation of event processing in large environments
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies between EPC and EIC authorization (user permissions) pop-ups
  • Fixed: Issue with ability to download scripts on Linux
  • Fixed: Issue with Rerun task not showing results when used on a disabled Rule
Version 1.7.1978.0
  • Added: Product renaming
  • Added: Linux support - EI Connector available for multiple major Linux distributions
  • Added: Ability to add Response/Remediation actions to Detection Rules via graphical interface
  • Added: Ability to add "Kill Process" response action to Rules
  • Added: Tagging of actions done by ESET Services Representatives
  • Added: Removal of inconsistencies between ESET PROTECT and Inspect
  • Added: Hint (tooltip) for Trigger Event column
  • Added: Onboarding Wizard
  • Added: Ability to invoke database purge on demand
  • Changed: Terminal (remote PowerShell) limited to 2FA enabled users
  • Improved: Response/Remediation menu in Detection Details view
  • Improved: Improved Automatic Exclusions UI (Questions view)
  • Improved: Unification of visibility for user created objects (Searches, Tasks, Incidents)
  • Improved: Visibility of Incident description
Version 1.6.1766.0
  • Fixed: Parent/Child process relationship on macOS
  • Fixed: Agent repair via .msi
  • Fixed: EEI exclusions for new detections
Version 1.6.1764
  • Fixed: incorrectly reported WMI detections
  • Fixed: remote Access Connector not working sometimes
  • Fixed: superfluous alerts about a lack of connectivity to EIServer removed
  • Improved: performance and reliability fixes
  • Added: 4 new Detection Rules to detect Log4j vulnerability and general Java exploitation
Version 1.6.1755.0
  • Updated: EEI Ruleset
  • Improved: reliability and performance fixes

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