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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays recent changelogs and the release notes for most of the released ESET products. Products are sorted based on the user segment. Click a product to display changelogs (available in English only). Each ESET product might have multiple changelogs sorted by its ESET full version, but only ten changelogs to the past will be shown for a product.

Recent changelogs for ESET Endpoint Encryption Server

  • Added: Added new workstation filter UX
  • Improved: Updated versions of OpenSSL to version 1.1.1n
  • Improved: Added workstation client version column
  • Fixed: Problems managing user following attempts to deactivate and then re-activate them
  • Fixed: Problem uploading expired macOS packages to server
  • Fixed: Failed migration of users between licences, who had special characters in their email address
  • Fixed: Logout problem which could occur when switching between organisations
  • Improved: Various localisation improvements
  • Improved: Updated versions of OpenSSL and libCurl to latest versions to resolve potential internet access problems
  • Improved: Better reporting of client OS in console
  • Fixed: Crash caused by re-activation of existing workstation
  • Fixed: Enabling SSL with Apache 2.2
  • Fixed: Reverted change in previous version where downloaded files were stripped of certain characters resulting in mangled filenames
  • Fixed: Undefined appearing in downloaded installs where language should have been specified
  • Fixed: Problem running application on Windows 7 (or Server 2008R2)
  • Added: Support for Endpoint Encryption for macOS
  • Fixed: Potentially could not sync with AD group if there were more than 500 security groups in total
  • Fixed: Some custom email templates were ignored when sending mails
  • Fixed: Use correct user permissions for access to control panel
  • Fixed: Problem downloading recovery file
  • Fixed: PHP error "Creating default object from empty value" emitted to logs occasionally
  • Fixed: Removed reliance on PHP mbstring extension which may not always be available
Version 3.2.3
  • Removed legacy recovery ISO from install
  • Added: Added back switch organisation button for multi-tenant installations
  • Improved: Active Directory sync algorithm change to improve performance
  • Improved: In control panel you can no longer lock out your own login
  • Improved: PHP memory usage when running reports with very large numbers of workstations or users. This could results in reports failing unless PHP memory was increased above 128M.
  • Improved: Help link should now redirect to the correct page rather than the default landing help page
  • Fixed: Crash issue with server service when receiving malformed input
  • Fixed: Can now change the implicit login role of a console login
  • Fixed: Unused licence can now be removed from one organisation even when it is still being used by a different organisation
  • Fixed: Various localisation improvements
  • Fixed: Problem in preinstall detecting Apache installations
  • Fixed: Problem when redirecting HTTP to HTTPS
  • Fixed: Issue preventing upgrade of existing installations using http port other than the default (80)
Version 3.2.0.X
  • Added: Support for installing with Apache 2.4
  • Improved: Preinstall now installs/upgrades to Apache 2.4.41 and PHP 7.2.28
  • Improved: Service entries are removed when organisations are deleted in multi-tenant mode
  • Fixed: Cannot open workstation card as helpdesk user
  • Fixed: Service crash when processing invalid workstation JSON
  • Fixed: Network workstation panel empty text appears in incorrect panels
  • Fixed: User card info panel "licence name" hyperlink could not be used on some browsers
Version 3.1.0.X
  • Added: Ability to disable pre-boot login
  • Added: If using the preinstall, Apache is upgraded with OpenSSL from EEES folder which enables TLS 1.2
  • Added: TPM report
  • Added: Support to manually force server to run in legacy mode
  • Added: Ability to download recovery dat file directly
  • Improved: Reporting of Windows 10 versions on workstation panel
  • Improved: Better logging when performing SSPI enrolment
  • Improved: Better logging when performing AD synchronisation
  • Improved: Child console and deployment services now run as services again
  • Fixed: Setup wizard sometimes erroneously relaunched following a restore
  • Fixed: Rendering issue with certain characters in PDF reports
  • Fixed: Login delay caused by syncing to very large AD
  • Fixed: Clear download pending flag on orphaned licences, allowing them to be deleted
  • Fixed: Service crash when processing records from very old client versions
  • Fixed: Email addresses are quoted to allow for display names containing commas
  • Added: Support for ESET Endpoint Encryption installs
  • Added: Support to auto re-initialise database resource if in maintenance mode
  • Added: Padding to tables in group policy display for readability
  • Changed: Rebranded software to ESET Endpoint Encryption Server
  • Changed: When in maintenance mode, if SQL configuration exists an attempt will be made to re-initialise the connection
  • Fixed: Problem clearing licence flags during re-sync
  • Fixed: Problem using self-enrolment with auto encryption together
  • Fixed: Problem with starting service a second time on some processor types
  • Fixed: Issue with password validation failure when performing some commands
  • Fixed: Issue when generating activation codes in a list with only a single user
  • Added: Implemented the auto update checks for multi-tenant server installations
  • Added: Software feature flag to hide OU filter in AD settings by default
  • Added: Allowed TPM pin to be available to read before workstation confirms encryption has started
  • Changed: AD test function honors OU filter selection
  • Changed: AD test function no longer saves OU filter selection
  • Changed: Converted the workstation log to HTML 4.01 Strict format
  • Changed: Delete button is disabled for current active instance in control panel when in multi-tenant mode
  • Changed: Removed count of activated users from organisation report
  • Changed: dlpes logger to use a rotation file by default rather than one single giant file
  • Changed: Removed spaces from commonName when used as the email prefix field in AD sync
  • Fixed: Problem with extra CRLF pair in output from server which could corrupt some downloaded files
  • Fixed: Crash when opening AD setting caused by more than 500 OUs in domain
  • Fixed: Crash that could sometimes occur when parsing OU results
  • Fixed: Activating an already encrypted workstation via auto enrollment
  • Fixed: Problem downloading workstation log when organisation name contained an ampersand
  • Fixed: Workstation appearing unmanaged if being adopted with no user logins
  • Fixed: Problem with some missing translations
  • Fixed: Problem with full backup file not being overwritten and backup left in working folder

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