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Changelogs for ESET products

This page displays changelog information and release notes for recent ESET product releases (listed by the most recent version to earlier versions and are only available in English). Click the product name to display the changelog. Each product shows up to the last ten changelogs. Release cycle exceptions may apply to specific regions/countries.

Recent changelogs for ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Linux

  • Added: Auto-updates & New EULA
  • Added: Support of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Added: Support of Linux Mint 20
  • Improved: On-Access scan stability improvement
  • Improved: Sample delete settings for ESET LiveGuard Advanced
  • Improved: Severity marks in GUI notification icons
  • Fixed: Performance exclusion issues in case of large number of paths
  • Fixed: On-demand scan for root user only
  • Fixed: Multiple GUI visual fixes
  • Removed: ESET Shared Local Cache due to EOL status
  • Removed "follow mode" parameter from quar utility
  • Added: ESET Enterprise Inspector support
  • Added: On-demand scan feature in application GUI
  • Added: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Mate desktop support
  • Added: Scan information available when using odscan utility
  • Added: On-demand scan logs displayed per user
  • Fixed: A potential vulnerability in the on-access scanner - reported internally (CVE-2022-0615)
  • Fixed: Real-time File System Protection blocking Desktop Central Agent
  • Fixed: Settings not reflected properly when using cfg utility
  • Fixed: Problems with product update when using Turkish locale
  • Fixed: Issues with a protection status and expiration when using offline license
  • Fixed: Incorrectly displayed strings in GUI when not supported locale is used
  • Fixed: Meta data not deleted during log optimization process
  • Fixed: Issues with handling non-UTF paths in running scans
  • Fixed: A potential vulnerability in the on-access scanner - reported internally (CVE-2022-0615)
  • Fix: Computer freeze after product restart and GVfs on-access scan
  • Improvement: Optimization of parallel on-demand and on-access scanning
  • Improved: Real-time scanning performance, thus system responsiveness of version 8.1
  • New: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense support
  • New: Ability to check for update in GUI
  • New: Ability to copy support-related information from GUI
  • New: Process Exclusions
  • New: SecureBoot support
  • Improved: Warning when product is being activated with an overused license
  • Fixed: Update doesn't work from ESET Mirror Tool
  • Fixed: Device control could block the keyboard and mouse required to login into the system
  • Other bug fixes and minor optimizations
  • New: Graphical user interface for managed environments
  • New: Ability to check for application updates from upd command line utility
  • New: Ability to enable automatic application updates during computer restart
  • New: Protection statuses configuration
  • New: User notifications configuration
  • Improved: GVFS support
  • Improved: Device control can block internal CD/DVD
  • Improved: Shut down after scan command from management console works properly
  • Improved: lslog utility parameters
  • Bug fixes and minor optimizations
  • Fixed: A potential vulnerability in the on-access scanner - reported internally (CVE-2022-0615)
  • Fixed: Real-time file system protection is does not work on new Ubuntu 20.04 kernel 5.8.0-36
  • Fixed: Performance issues causing a system unusable during heavy load

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