How to add a new device

Follow the instructions below to protect your device and data from theft. Please specify whether you are adding a Windows or an Android device:

How to add a new Windows device

How to add a new Android device



You cannot add a new device directly from the web portal. You can add a device or multiple devices assigned to your account directly from ESET Smart Security, ESET Smart Security Premium or ESET Mobile Security.

How to add a new Windows device



ESET Anti-Theft is not intended for use on Microsoft Windows Home Server.

After installation and activation of your ESET product, you will be prompted to setup additional ESET security tools. To activate ESET Anti-Theft click Enable next to the Anti-Theft option. Then, continue to step 2.


If you wish to activate ESET Anti-Theft at a later moment, use the following written instructions or watch our ESET Knowledgebase instructional video in English language:


1.Open your ESET product by double-clicking the icon in the taskbar. In the main program window, click Setup > Security tools and then click the slider bar next to ESET Anti-Theft.


2.Enter your email address and the password for your account and then click Sign in. If you do not have a account, click Create account in order to use ESET Anti-Theft.


3.Type a name for your device in the Device name field and click Next. You will be asked to fill your computer name. If you logged into an existing account you will be informed of successful device association. If you are creating a new account, click Create account online and continue to step 4.

4.A registration form will open in your web browser. Complete all fields and click Create new account.

5.After registration is completed, you will automatically be logged into your account. Check your inbox for email confirmation. Your device will be added.


6.Now you can manage your devices using your account.

How to add a new Android device

assistance_username Click here for illustrated instructions

1.Once you have installed ESET Mobile Security, you can associate your device with your account. Tap Anti-Theft in the ESET Mobile Security main screen and then tap the ANTITHEFT_ANDROID_SWITCH_OFF slider to enable Anti-Theft protection.

2.If you have not completed the Anti-Theft setup wizard yet, we recommend that you complete the following actions before setting up your account: create your Security password, enable Uninstall protection, add your SIM card as trusted, add a Trusted friend, enter your contact details and enable SMS text commands.

3.If you already have a account, tap Already have an account? and enter your email and password to sign in. Now you can enjoy Anti-Theft security features managed from your account.

4.If you do not have a account, tap Register.

5.Fill out the registration form and tap Register.

6.Tap Finish.

7.Check your inbox for email confirmation and click the link to activate your account. Now you can enjoy Anti-Theft security features managed from account.