Introduction to ESET Anti-Theft

In our everyday travels from home to work and other public places, our personal devices are constantly at risk of being lost or stolen. If your device is ever lost or stolen, ESET Anti-Theft lets you monitor your device usage and track the missing device usingits IP address, helping you retrieve your device and protect your personal data.

ESET Anti-Theft is a new feature introduced in ESET Smart Security 6, ESET Smart Security Premium 10 and ESET Mobile Security 3 that expands user-level security if a device is ever lost or stolen.

ESET Anti-Theft uses modern technologies such as geographical IP address lookup, web camera image capture, user account protection and device monitoring that may help you and a law enforcement organization locate your computer or device if it is ever lost or stolen. ESET Anti-Theft lets you see the activity that is taking place on your computer or device, making it easier to track down.