Start-up wizard

Once the application is installed, follow the on-screen prompts in the start-up wizard:

1.Click Accept to agree to the terms in the End User License Agreement, User Consent and Privacy Policy.

2.Select the option to either Allow or Decline your participation in the ESET Live Grid feedback system. This can be changed later in the program's settings. To read more, see this section.

3.Select either Enable or Disable to determine if ESET Smart TV Security will detect Potentially unwanted applications (PUA's). This can be changed later in the program's settings. For more details about PUA's, see this section.

4.Review the permissions for ESET Smart TV Security and click Continue. Click Allow to allow access for ESET Smart TV Security. If you click Deny, ESET Smart TV Security will not be installed successfully.

5.In the Select your email address screen, select the email account that will receive emails about ESET license registration, security password reset and Technical Support. Click Choose e-mail to display the list of available email accounts. Select the email from the list of accounts or click Add account to add a new email account to your device. Click OK to confirm the account. Click Next to continue. NOTE: If you already have a license associated with a Google account, you must enter the associated email address to use your existing license.

6.ESET Smart TV Security is now set up on your device. Click Start first scan to scan your device for potential threats.