Advanced Settings

Schedule scan

You can schedule a scan on specific days of the week. The  scan will be repeated every week on days you selected. To schedule a weekly scan:

1.Click Schedule scan in the Advanced settings option

2.Click Enable

3.Select your scan interval by clicking the days you want to perform the scan on and selecting  the time when the scan should be performed.

4.Click Update

The scheduled scan will run even when the device is in stand-by mode.

Real-time protection

Real-time scanner launches automatically at system startup and scans the files that you interact with. It automatically scans the Download folder and installed or updated applications.

ESET LiveGrid reputation system

ESET LiveGrid is a preventative system designed to provide your device with an additional level of security. It constantly monitors your system’s running programs and processes against the latest intelligence collected from millions of ESET users worldwide. This allows us to offer better and more precise proactive protection and scanning speeds to all ESET users. We recommend that you enable this feature.

ESET LiveGrid feedback system

Allows us to collect anonymous statistics, crash reports and diagnostics data about suspicious objects, which we process automatically to create the detection mechanism in our cloud system.

Detect potentially unwanted applications

A potentially unwanted application is a program that contains adware, installs toolbars, traces your search results or has other unclear objectives. There are some situations where you may feel that the benefits of the potentially unwanted application outweigh the risks. For this reason, ESET assigns such applications a lower-risk category compared to other types of malicious software.

Detect potentially unsafe applications

There are many legitimate applications that are designed to simplify the administration of networked devices. However, in the wrong hands, they may be misused for malicious purposes. Enable the Detect potentially unsafe applications option to monitor these types of applications and block them if you prefer. Potentially unsafe applications is the classification used for commercial, legitimate software. This classification includes programs such as remote access tools, password-cracking applications, and keyloggers.

Scan level

There are two scan levels to choose from:

Smart — Smart Scan will scan installed applications, DEX files (executable files for Android OS), SO files (libraries), archives with a maximum scanning depth of 3 nested archives and SD card content.

In-depth — In-depth scan will scan all file types regardless of their extension in both internal memory and SD card.