Installation process

validation-status-icon-warning For instructions to upgrade your existing ERA installation, go to Upgrade procedures.

ESET Remote Administrator installers are available in different formats to support different install methods. They are available in the download section of the ESET website under Remote Administrator 6 (click icon_plus to expand the category). Here, you can download the following:

The ERA All-in-one installer package for Windows in a zipped form
An ISO image that contains all installers of ESET Remote Administrator (except ERA Virtual Appliances)
Virtual appliances (OVA files). Deployment of the ERA Virtual Appliance is recommended for users who want to run ESET Remote Administrator in a virtualized environment or prefer hassle-free installation. See our complete ERA Virtual Appliance deployment guide for step-by-step instructions.
Step-by-step installation instructions for Linux
Individual installers for each component - for Windows and Linux platform

validation-status-icon-warning  Do not change the Computer name of your ERA Server machine after installation. See Change of IP address or hostname on ERA Server for more information.