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HTTP Proxy installation

About HTTP Proxy

The HTTP Proxy forwards encrypted communication between ESET Management Agent and ESET PROTECT Server. By default, ESET PROTECT uses Apache HTTP Proxy as the HTTP Proxy.

Use the HTTP Proxy only if your ESET Management Agents does not have network visibility to ESET PROTECT Server. HTTP Proxy does not aggregate the communication or lower the network traffic.

It is recommended to have the ESET Management Agent on the machine with HTTP Proxy, but it is not necessary. ESET Management Agent cannot manage (configure) HTTP Proxy application.

HTTP Proxy architecture

Apache HTTP Proxy architecture

Advanced scenarios for HTTP Proxy

Before the installation


The communication protocol between Agent and ESET PROTECT Server does not support authentication. Any proxy solution used for forwarding Agent communication to ESET PROTECT Server that requires authentication will not work.

If you choose to use a non-default port for the Web Console or Agent, it may require a firewall adjustment. Otherwise, the installation may fail.

Installation and configuration

You can install Apache HTTP Proxy from the separate installer or from the All-in-one ESET PROTECT installer.

Installing from All-in-one installer requires download of the whole package, but it is more simple. Run the downloaded installer and select only the Apache HTTP Proxy from the installer selector. After the Apache is installed, it needs to be configured.

Installing from the standalone installer is more advanced, however the download size is only a few MBs. See the installation and configuration instructions.


Configure the HTTP Proxy for a high number of clients

If you use 64-bit Apache HTTP Proxy, you can increase the thread limit for your Apache HTTP Proxy. Edit the configuration file httpd.conf, inside your Apache HTTP Proxy folder. Find the following settings in the file and update the values to match your number of clients.

Substitute the example value of 5000 with your number. The maximum value is 32000.

ThreadLimit 5000

ThreadsPerChild 5000

Do not change the rest of the file.