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Offline Agent installation

To continue offline Agent installation follow these steps:

1.If you selected Use Proxy in the previous step, provide the Proxy hostname, Proxy port (the default port is 3128),Username and Password and click Next.

2.Click Browse and navigate to the location of your Peer certificate (this is the Agent certificate you exported from ESET PROTECT). Leave the Certificate password text field blank as this certificate does not require a password. You do not need to browse for a Certification Authority - leave this field empty.


If you are using a custom certificate with ESET PROTECT (instead of the default ones that was automatically generated during ESET PROTECT installation), use your custom certificates accordingly.



The certificate passphrase must not contain the following characters: " \ These characters cause a critical error during the initialization of the Agent.


3.Click Next to install to the default folder or click Change to choose another folder (we recommend that you use the default location).