New features in ESET PROTECT 8.0

Renaming of ESET Security Management Center

ESET Security Management Center was renamed "ESET PROTECT". Products and services are evolving to cover new markets and customer needs. We have decided to rename our solution to better accommodate the current and new capabilities that we have planned.

ESET Full Disk Encryption for macOS

We are extending  platform coverage and adding FileVault (native encryption for macOS) management to increase organizations’ data security. Learn more

Advanced functionality

Some of the new functionalities are focused on the needs of larger networks, allowing more customization. These are all incorporated into existing user interface.

Audit Log

New functionality helps administrators identify and track activity in ESET PROTECT. Easily navigate to run tasks, changed policies, resolved detections, added users or computers, and adjust or correct when needed. Learn more

Exclude Firewall Threats

Added the ability to exclude firewall threats from the list of detections. Learn more

Support for ESET Business Account Sites

You can now import the complete structure of your ESET Business Account, including the distribution of license seats among the sites.