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It is essential that both ESET PROTECT Server and client computers managed by ESET PROTECT have a working internet connection so that they can reach the ESET repository and activation servers. If you prefer not to have clients connect directly to the internet, you can use a proxy server (not the same as ESET Bridge HTTP Proxy) to facilitate communication with your network and the internet.

The ESET PROTECT Server must be visible by client computers—client computers must be able to communicate with your ESET PROTECT Server to use remote deployment and the wake-up call feature.

ESET PROTECT for Windows/Linux is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols. ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance is compatible only with IPv4.

Ports used

If your network uses a firewall, see our list of possible network communication ports used when ESET PROTECT and its components are installed in your infrastructure.

Network traffic impact by ESET PROTECT Server and ESET Management Agent communication

Applications on client machines do not communicate with ESET PROTECT Server directly, ESET Management Agent facilitates this communication. This solution is easier to manage and less demanding on data transferred over network. Network traffic depends on the client connection interval and types of tasks performed by clients. Even if no task is executed or scheduled on a client, ESET Management Agent communicates with ESET PROTECT Server once per each connection interval. Each connection generates traffic. See the table below for examples of traffic:

Action type

Traffic in a single connection interval

Client Task: Scan without cleaning

4 kB

Client Task: Modules update

4 kB

Client Task: SysInspector Log Request

300 kB

Policy: Antivirus - Maximum security

26 kB

ESET Management Agent replication interval

Daily traffic generated by idle ESET Management Agent

1 minute

16 MB

15 minutes

1 MB

30 minutes

0.5 MB

1 hour

144 kB

1 day

12 kB

To estimate the overall traffic generated by ESET Management Agents, use the following formula:

Number of clients * (Daily traffic of idle agent + (Traffic for certain task * daily occurrence of the task))

If you use the ESET Inspect, the ESET Inspect Connector generates daily traffic of 2-5 MB (it varies based on the number of events).