ESET PROTECT VA implementation phases and maintenance

The implementation of ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance consists of the following main phases that are necessary for successful deployment and configuration:

1.ESET PROTECT Appliance deployment process -  actual deployment of ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance OVA file on your Hypervisor.

2.ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance configuration - post-deployment configuration done via web interface of the ESET PROTECT VA. It is a configuration page that lets you choose appliance type and then enter specific details and properties required for that particular ESET PROTECT VA type to run correctly.

Further configuration and management is done via the TUI (Text-based User Interface) and Webmin:

1.ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance Management Console - allows you to perform maintenance operations such as back up and restore, password changes, factory reset, etc.

2.Webmin Management Interface - makes for an easy management of your ESET PROTECT VA.

Upgrade, migration and disaster recovery procedures:

ESET PROTECT VA upgrade/migration - if you want to upgrade your ESET PROTECT VA to the latest version, see this section for details and step-by-step procedure. Also, the same procedure applies if you need to migrate your ESET PROTECT VA.

ESET PROTECT VA disaster recovery - follow this procedure if ESET PROTECT VA stopped working and it is not possible to fix the problem or if you are unable to recover a damaged ESET PROTECT VA instance.