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ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance FAQ

This chapter covers some of the most frequently asked questions and problems encountered. Click the topic title to find out how to solve your problem:

How to find out which ESET PROTECT components are installed

How to enable ping on ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance

Do I need to add other components to my ESET PROTECT VA?

Enable Apache HTTP Proxy on the ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance

Configure ESET PROTECT VA to allow Static Group synchronization via LDAP

Configure LDAPS connection to a domain

How to recover a forgotten password for ESET PROTECT VA

How to change ESET PROTECT database connection string

How to set up Hyper-V Server for RD Sensor

How to change port numbers for ESET PROTECT VA Web Console

How to increase memory size for MySQL Server

Error with ESET PROTECT running on a Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

How to improve Oracle VirtualBox performance

How to enable YUM command under HTTP Proxy server

How to update the operating system on a machine running ESET PROTECT VA Server

How to disable SELinux permanently

How to restart Virtual Appliance Management Console

How to enable SSH


If your problem is not included in the help pages list above, try searching by keyword or phrase describing your problem and search within the ESET PROTECT Help Pages.

If you cannot find the solution to your problem/question within the Help Pages, you can try our regularly updated online Knowledgebase.

If necessary, you can directly contact our online technical support center with your questions or problems. The contact form can be found in the ESET PROTECT Web Console > Help > Contact Support.