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Generate report

There are several ways to generate a report instantly from a report template:

Navigate to Quick Links on the top bar and click Generate Report. Select an existing report template and click Generate Now.

Click Reports and select the Categories & Templates tab. Select a report template from which you want to generate a report. Click the gear icon and then click edit if you want to make changes to the template.

oYou can click the report tile to generate and view the report in the ESET PROTECT Web Console. When the report is generated, you can click Generate and download to save the report in your desired format. You can choose from .pdf or .csv. CSV is suitable only for table data and uses ; (semicolon) as a delimiter.

Navigate to Tasks > New > add_new_defaultServer Task to create a new Generate Report task.

oThe task is now created and displayed in the Task types list. Select this task and click Run Now on the bottom of the page. The task will be executed immediately.

oConfigure the settings (as described in the Generate Report task) and click Finish.


When you click an item displayed in a report shown in the ESET PROTECT Web Console, a drill down menu appears with additional options.