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ESET Management Agent automatic upgrade

ESET PROTECT provides an automatic upgrade (auto-upgrade) of ESET Management Agent on managed computers.

ESET Management Agent auto-upgrade requirements

ESET Management Agent 8.1 and later.

The Agent auto-upgrade starts working after you install the ESET PROTECT server version later than 8.1 (or upgrade to the ESET PROTECT server version later than 8.1).

How ESET Management Agent auto-upgrade works

The Agent upgrades to the latest version that is compatible with the installed ESET PROTECT server. This version is typically the version of the installed ESET PROTECT server (for example, 9.0).

The Agent auto-upgrade is enabled by default. You can disable it in the ESET Management Agent policy > Updates > disable the Enable automatic upgrade slider bar.

The ESET Management Agent auto-upgrade triggers around two weeks after a newer version of ESET Management Agent is released into the repository if the administrator does not initiate the upgrade sooner.

The design of the auto-upgrade assures a phased upgrade process distributed during a longer period to prevent an increased impact on the network and managed computers.