Dynamic group changes

The notification will be sent when the condition is fulfilled. You can only select one condition to be monitored for a given dynamic group.

Dynamic group - Select a dynamic group to be evaluated.

Settings - Conditions

Select the type of condition that will trigger a notification.

Notify everytime the dynamic group content changes
Enable this to be notified when members of the selected group are added, removed or changed.


ESET PROTECT checks the Dynamic Group status once every 20 minutes.

For example, if the first check occurs at 10:00, the other checks are performed at 10:20, 10:40, 11:00. If the Dynamic Group content changes at 10:05 and then changes back at 10:13, during the next check performed at 10:20 ESET PROTECT does not recognize the previous change and does not notify about it.

Notify when the group size exceeds a specific number
Select the Group size operator and Threshold for the notification:

More than - Send a notification when the group size is greater than the threshold.

Less than - Send a notification when the group size is less than the threshold.

Notify when group growth exceeds a specific rate
Define a threshold and time period that will trigger a notification. You can either define a number of clients, or a percentage of clients (members of the Dynamic Group). Define the time period (in minutes, hours or days) for the comparison with the new state. For example, seven days ago the number of clients with outdated security products was 10 and the threshold was set to 20. If the number of clients with an outdated security product reaches 30, you will be notified.

Notify when number of clients in dynamic group changes in comparison to another group
If the number of clients in a Dynamic Group changes according to a compared group (either static or dynamic), a notification will be sent. Threshold - Define a threshold that will trigger the sending of a notification.


You can only assign a notification to a Dynamic Group where you have sufficient permissions. To see a dynamic group, you must have Read permission for its parent static group.