Client Tasks

You can assign Client Tasks to groups or individual computers. Once created, a task is executed using a Trigger. A Client Task can have more triggers configured. Client Tasks are distributed to clients when the ESET Management Agent on a client connects to the ESET PROTECT Server. For this reason, it may take some time for task execution results to be communicated to the ESET PROTECT Server. You can manage your ESET Management Agent connection interval to reduce task execution times.

You can see the progress indicator bar, status icon, and details for each created task in Tasks.


Create a new Client Task

1.To create a new Client Task, click Tasks > New > add_new_defaultClient Task or select the desired task type and click New > add_new_defaultClient Task.

2. In the Basic section, enter basic information about the task, such as a Name and Description (optional). Click Select tags to assign tags.
In the Task drop-down menu, select the task type you want to create and configure. If you have selected a specific task type before creating a new task, Task is pre-selected based on your previous choice. Task (see the list of all Tasks) defines the settings and the behavior for the task.

3.Configure the task settings in the Settings section.

4.Verify all the settings for this task in the Summary section and then click Finish.

5.Click Create Trigger to create a trigger for the Client Task or click close and create the trigger later.