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Update third-party components

In addition to ESET components, ESET PROTECT uses third-party components that require a manual upgrade.

In the ESET PROTECT Web Console, click Quick Links > Server Components to see third-party components with a later version available.


We recommend installing the latest version of third-party components as soon as possible. The latest available version may vary based on the operating system used to run the ESET PROTECT Server.

ESET PROTECT Virtual Appliance does not report available upgrades for third-party components.

ESET PROTECT Web Console recommends an upgrade for versions earlier than those listed below:

Third-party component:



Upgrade instructions

Microsoft SQL Server

2019 (build 15.0.4312.0)

Determine your version and edition of SQL Server Database Engine and install the latest cumulative update.

Database server


Click Help > About in the ESET PROTECT Web Console to see the installed database version.

Database server

Operating system

Windows Server 2016

ESET PROTECT does not report available updates for Linux.

Operating system

Apache Tomcat


Determine the installed Apache Tomcat version:

Windows—Navigate to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\[ Tomcat folder ]\ and open the RELEASE-NOTES file in a text editor to check the version number.

Linux—Run the Terminal command: tomcat version

Apache Tomcat



Determine the installed Java version:

Windows—Open the Command Prompt and run: java -version

Linux—Run the Terminal command: java -version

Java Runtime Environment

Apache HTTP Proxy



Apache HTTP Proxy users

Starting with ESET PROTECT 10.0, ESET Bridge replaces Apache HTTP Proxy. Apache HTTP Proxy has reached Limited Support. If you use Apache HTTP Proxy, we recommend migrating to ESET Bridge.

Migrate to ESET Bridge


ESET PROTECT Mobile Device Management/Connector (MDM/MDC) component (on-premises only) reached End of Life in January 2024. Read more. We recommend that you migrate to Cloud MDM.