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Submitted Files

ESET LiveGuard Advanced is a service that provides advanced protection from never-before-seen detections. ESET PROTECT user can submit files for malware analysis in the cloud environment and receive a report about sample behavior. See the ESET LiveGuard Advanced User guide for step-by-step instructions. You can remotely submit a file directly from ESET PROTECT Web Console under Detections - click an item from the icon_blocked Blocked files category > icon_send_file Send File to ESET LiveGuard.

The Submitted files window provides a list of all files submitted to ESET servers. These include files automatically sent to ESET LiveGrid® from client computers (if ESET LiveGrid® is enabled in their ESET security product) and files sent to ESET LiveGuard Advanced manually from ESET PROTECT Web Console.

Submitted files window

You can see the list of submitted files and information related to those files, like the user who submitted the file and submission date. Click the submitted file and select an action from the drop-down menu.

details_default Show Details

Click to view the latest submission tab.

behavior View Behavior

View the behavioral analysis report for a given sample. This option is available only for files sent to ESET LiveGuard Advanced.

icon_create_exclusion Create Exclusion

Select one or more files and click Create Exclusion to add a detection exclusion for the selected files to an existing policy.

File Details Window

File Details window contains a list of file details for the selected file. It a file is submitted multiple times, details for the last submission are displayed.


Result of malware analysis.

Unknown - the file was not analyzed.

Clean - none of the detection engines evaluated file as malware.

Suspicious, Highly suspicious - the file displays suspicious behavior but may not be malware.

Malicious - the file displays dangerous behavior.


State of the analysis. The status Re-analyzing means the result is available, but it may change after further analysis.

Last processed on

A file can be submitted for analysis many times, from more computers. This is the time of the last analysis.

Sent on

The time of submission.


Click View behavior to see the analysis from ESET LiveGuard Advanced. This is only valid if the computer which submitted the file has an active ESET LiveGuard Advanced license.


The name of the computer from which the file was submitted.


Computer user who submitted the file.


The reason the file was submitted.

Sent to

Part of the ESET cloud that has received the file. Not every submitted file is analyzed for malware.


SHA1 hash of the submitted file.


Size of the submitted file.


Category of the file. Category may not follow the file extension.

For more information about ESET LiveGuard Advanced behavioral reports see the documentation.

Filters and layout customization

You can customize the current Web Console screen view:

Manage the side panel and main table.

Add filters and filter presets. You can use tags for filtering the displayed items.