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Removing a company

The MSP tree is synchronized with the MSP account. You need to remove the MSP account from the License Management to unlock the MSP tree. When you remove the account, all companies managed by that account are unlinked from the MSP tree.


If you stop managing a company, remove ESET Management Agents from that company computers. You cannot remove the company from the MSP tree without removing the whole MSP account from your license management.

The MSP static group is persistent. After you synchronize the MSP tree, you can never remove the MSP root group, only its child groups.

Removing the MSP account and companies from the MSP tree

1.Log in to ESET PROTECT Web Console and navigate to More > License Management.

2.Click the license you want to remove > Remove Licenses. Keep in mind, that if you remove any license linked to an MSP account, the whole account and its linked licenses are removed from ESET PROTECT.


3.Confirm your choice to remove (unlink) the listed licenses from the License Management.


When removing any license pool, you automatically remove all other license pools associated with the same account.

For example, Company X licenses were imported using credentials of from EMA 2. If a user removes licenses of the Company X, all the licenses imported from EBA and EMA 2 accounts get removed from the License Management.


4.Wait a few moments after the action and navigate to the Computers menu.

5.Now you can click and Delete any company that was previously a part of the MSP Tree. You can only remove a company (its static group) if it is empty.



After you remove the MSP account from the License Management, you get the MSP Administrator is not connected status in the Status Overview. You need to remove all groups from your former MSP tree (in the Computers menu) to turn off that status.