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MDM configuration profiles

You can configure the profile to impose policies and restrictions on the managed mobile device.

Profile Name

Short Description


Requires end-users to protect their devices with passcodes each time they return from idle state. This ensures that any sensitive corporate information on managed devices remains protected. If multiple profiles enforce passcodes on a single device, the most restrictive policy is enforced.


Restriction profiles limit the features available to users of managed devices by restricting the use of specific permission related to Device functionality, Application, iCloud, Security and Privacy.

Wi-Fi connection list

Wi-Fi profiles push corporate Wi-Fi settings directly to managed devices for instant access.

VPN connection list

VPN profiles push corporate virtual private network settings to corporate devices so that users can securely access corporate infrastructure from remote locations.

Connection Name - View the name of the connection displayed on the device.

Connection type - Choose the type of connection enabled by this profile. Each connection type enables different capabilities.

Server - Type the hostname or IP address of the server being connected to.

Mail Accounts

Allows the administrator to configure IMAP/POP3 email accounts.

Exchange ActiveSync Accounts

Exchange ActiveSync profiles allow end-users to access corporate push-based email infrastructure. Please note that there are pre-populated look-up value fields and options that only apply to iOS 5+ .

CalDAV - Calendar Accounts

CalDAV provides configuration options to allow end-users to sync wirelessly with the enterprise CalDAV server.

CardDAV - Contacts Accounts

This section allows for specific configuration of CardDAV services.

Subscribed Calendars Accounts

Subscribed Calendars provides calendar configuration.