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ESET Inspect

ESET Inspect is a comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response system that includes features such as incident detection, incident management and response, data collection, indicators of compromise detection, anomaly detection, behavior detection and policy violations. For more information about ESET Inspect, its installation and functions, see ESET Inspect help.


ESET Enterprise Inspector and ESET Dynamic Threat Defense have been renamed to ESET Inspect and ESET LiveGuard Advanced.

You may need to troubleshoot issues caused by the renaming if you upgraded from ESET PROTECT 9.0 and earlier and have reports, dynamic groups, notifications or other rules that filter for ESET Dynamic Threat Defense or ESET Enterprise Inspector.

ESET Inspect configuration

ESET Inspect requires ESET PROTECT to:

Create an ESET Inspect user with proper permissions. ESET PROTECT contains the pre-defined permission sets for ESET Inspect users. A Web Console user needs Read permission or above for Access to ESET Inspect or Read permission or above for ESET Inspect User.

Create certificates used during ESET Inspect Server Installation.

Activate ESET Inspect on a device connected to ESET PROTECT. You need an ESET Inspect license to activate ESET Inspect.


If you have upgraded the ESET PROTECT Server, restart the ESET Inspect Server service to ensure all the future changes in ESET PROTECT (for example, permissions updates) reflect in ESET Inspect.


Deploy ESET Inspect Connector to managed computers

Click Computers > click a computer or select more computers and click Computer > icon_eset Solutions > icon_eia Enable ESET Inspect to deploy ESET Inspect Connector to the managed Windows/Linux/macOS computers.

Reporting of ESET Inspect detections in ESET PROTECT

If you add a device that runs the ESET Inspect Connector (properly configured and connected to the ESET Inspect Server) to ESET PROTECT, ESET Inspect reports the discovered detections in the ESET PROTECT Detections section. You can filter these detections by selecting the icon_ei_alert ESET Inspect detection category.

Another detection type reported by ESET Inspect are icon_blocked Blocked files - the blocked attempts to launch executables blocked in ESET Inspect (blocked hashes).

Managing ESET Inspect detections in ESET PROTECT

Click the detection and select icon_inspect_default Investigate (Inspect) to see detection details in the ESET Inspect Web Console.


Ensure to use the supported web browsers and ESET products to enable management of ESET Inspect detections in the ESET PROTECT Web Console.

Integration of ESET Inspect detections in the ESET PROTECT Web Console enables you to manage ESET Inspect detections directly from the ESET PROTECT Web Console without opening the ESET Inspect Web Console. For example, if you mark the detection as resolved in the ESET PROTECT Web Console, it is also resolved in the ESET Inspect Web Console and vice versa.