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Create a Policy to enable ESET Management Agent Password protection

Follow the steps below to create a new policy that will enforce a password to protect the ESET Management Agent. When Password protected setup is used, ESET Management Agent cannot be uninstalled or repaired unless a password is provided. See Agent protection for more details.


Type a Name for this policy. The Description field is optional.


Select ESET Management Agent from the drop-down list, expand Advanced settings, navigate to Setup and type the password into the Password protected setup field. This password will be required if someone is trying to uninstall or repair ESET Management Agent on a client computer.


Make sure to record this password in a safe place, it is essential to type the password to allow ESET Management Agent uninstallation from the client computer. There is no other regular way of uninstalling ESET Management Agent without a correct password when Password protected setup policy is in place.


Specify the clients (individual computers/mobile devices or whole groups) that are the recipients of this policy.


Click Assign to display all Static and Dynamic Groups and their members. Select your desired computers or groups and click OK.


To assign all computers in a group, assign the group instead of individual computers to prevent a Web Console slowdown.

The Web Console displays a warning if you select a high number of computers.



Review the settings for this policy and click Finish. The policy gets applied on the targets after their next connection to ESET PROTECT Server (depending on the Agent connection interval).


To apply the policy immediately, you can run the Send Wake-Up Call action on targets in the Computers sections.