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Version 10.0

Build version See the list of all components versions.

Released: November 8, 2022

ADDED: Dark theme

ADDED: CEF format for Syslog

ADDED: Reporting of absolute and relative free space for hard drives in HW inventory

ADDED: Log out action in the Computer context menu (under Power)

ADDED: Log out Client Task

ADDED: Ability to filter Computers by FQDN

ADDED: Ability to filter Computers by Serial Number

ADDED: Last boot time in computer details

ADDED: Ability to switch between Absolute and Relative time in tables

ADDED: Ability to add column Hash in Detections section

ADDED: Ability to search by Hash in the Detections section

ADDED: Ability to search by Object in the Detections section

ADDED: Ability to distinguish if BitLocker is activated on a specific machine

ADDED: Filtering options in Computer details - Installed Applications screen

ADDED: Ability to deploy LiveGuard on all devices in a static group via context menu action

ADDED: Ability to reset default filters

ADDED: Computer preview - ability to reset displayed sections to the default

ADDED: Ability to modify Computer name and Description directly from the Computer preview panel

ADDED: Ability to mute/unmute Computer directly from the Computer preview panel

ADDED: Static Group name in Syslog events

ADDED: Ability to see the progress of removing client tasks

ADDED: Ability to filter unassigned policies in the Policies section

ADDED: Ability to sort policies in the "Last Modified By" column

ADDED: Support for time-elapsed (duration) filters in Dynamic Groups

ADDED: Section name as a prefix in the browser tab title

ADDED: Comma separator for thousands place in table numbers

IMPROVED: VDI support (mostly improvements around instant clones)

IMPROVED: Table numbers are now aligned right

IMPROVED: Filter Advisor remembers item sorting

IMPROVED: Network Adapters (part of Computer details - Details - Hardware) are more readable in IPv4/IPv6

IMPROVED: Multiplatform support when deploying or enabling features via Solutions in the Computer context menu

IMPROVED: Information in the Detection type column is split into two separate columns: Detection Category and Type

IMPROVED: Selecting a product from the repository in the Software Install task

IMPROVED: Inspect button display is now dependent on the permission set in "Access to ESET Inspect"

IMPROVED: Filtering by Detection Type

IMPROVED: New version of Log Collector (version in Management Agent

IMPROVED: Creation of New Report Template for newly created Report category

IMPROVED: Example section in the "Select time interval" filter

CHANGED: Limit from 100 to 1000 when opening selected objects

CHANGED: Disabled optional use OPAL in built-in encryption policy "Encrypt all disks - Recommended"

CHANGED: "Outdated Components" renamed to "Server components"

CHANGED: Minimal throttling for Client Tasks and Server Tasks was changed from 15 minutes to 1 minute

FIXED: Save filter set is not working correctly in all sections

FIXED: Specific scenario causes license sync breakage (if static group below company has the same name as a site that is created in EBA)

FIXED: When you load a saved filter set, it is not applied unless you edit it (various sections)

FIXED: Filter "≤ # OF ALERTS" is not working correctly (Computers section)

FIXED: AD Synchronization server task fails if the target group is “All” and groups are being removed

FIXED: "Log Into Domain" login screen check box selection is not remembered after logout

FIXED: License for AIO installer is mandatory

FIXED: The license list occasionally disappears when scrolling through a long License Management list

FIXED: The date/time filter does not work correctly on the localized web console

FIXED: All policies are hidden except auto-update when logging in to the console for the first time

FIXED: Info message about default value for time-based criteria in Notifications is shown when it is not mandatory

FIXED: Network adapter(s) screen informs that the latest version of an agent is required, even though the latest version is installed

FIXED: Default presets for Computers/Detections sections are overwritten in a special scenario

FIXED: Inaccurate problem count in License Management badge in specific scenarios

FIXED: Missing limit for quarantine management actions, which causes an error message in some cases

FIXED: HW inventory reports the TPM manufacturer version instead of the specification version

Various other minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 9.1

Build version See the list of all components versions.

Released: August 3, 2022

FIXED: Apache HTTP Proxy (v replaced with the latest version (v due to discovered vulnerabilities in the earlier version


Build version See the list of all components versions.

Released: July 27, 2022

FIXED: ESET Management Agent not using SNI extension when communicating with ESET PROTECT

FIXED: Upgrade of ESET PROTECT using All-in-one package fails in case there is a more recent version of the SQL Server 2019 or when a SQL Server 2014 is installed


Build version See the list of all components versions.

Released: July 7, 2022

ADDED: Advanced Filters in the Computers section

ADDED: New product tour

ADDED: List of outdated components

ADDED: Support for third-party 2FA

ADDED: Native ARM64 support for ESET Management Agent for macOS

ADDED: "Waiting" state in the Component version status section on Status Overview for better communication of auto-updates (available from ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.1)

ADDED: Site structure from ESET Business Account synchronizes in the static group tree

ADDED: New rebooting option—administrator can set up reboots in a way that the end-users can postpone them (available from ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.1)

ADDED: MDM web control (We are now bringing web control over from Cloud MDM to on-premises MDM)

ADDED: Support for deployment of the latest version in the software installation task (the latest version at the moment of task execution, it is not necessary to select a specific version anymore)

ADDED: Ability to create an installer with a full set of modules (ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.1 package only contains essential modules, and others are downloaded later)

ADDED: All Audit Log events forwarded to Syslog

ADDED: ESET Product Navigator to the header

ADDED: New context menu action "Deploy security product" (in Computers section)

ADDED: Creation Time and Modification Time columns in the Installers section

ADDED: Reset functionality for columns in tables

ADDED: Warning to Audit log access right

ADDED: Ability to select multiple monitored static groups in a single notification

ADDED: OS version collected from macOS and Windows is displayed in human-readable form in the OS Service Pack column in the Computers section

ADDED: Agents tile in the Status Overview section for better identification of unmanaged computers

ADDED: Possibility to add Group Name column in the Detections section (not displayed by default)

ADDED: New buttons under the table in the Computers section and Detection section

ADDED: Right-click tables to open the context menu

ADDED: Built-in policies for V7 product for macOS and HTTP proxy

ADDED: Hide and Show action for ESET LiveGuard Dashboard

IMPROVED: Installer creation Wizard

IMPROVED: Reboot and shut down experience on macOS (user is notified about restart and can cancel it in 60 seconds)

IMPROVED: Console users receive a notification about multiple detections occurring on managed computers aggregated in one email message

IMPROVED: The latest versions of each product are prioritized in the product selection section of the software installation task

IMPROVED: Context menu in Computers section

IMPROVED: ESET LiveGuard status (enabled/disabled) is reported properly to the console (requires ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.1 and above) and leveraged in various sections (for example, action Enable is not offered for endpoint where the feature is already enabled)

IMPROVED: Tasks planned ASAP are executed in the order in which they were created in the console

IMPROVED: Every ASAP trigger created by the user in the console must have an expiration set (less than six months)

IMPROVED: HIPS detections now contain user and hash

IMPROVED: UI elements in tables

IMPROVED: New version of AVRemover and LogCollector in the Management Agent

IMPROVED: Computer name and IP is now in separate columns in the Detection section

IMPROVED: Computer with IP column was divided into two columns in Submitted Files

IMPROVED: Computer description can be multiline

IMPROVED: User can define more than one naming pattern for VDI master image

CHANGED: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense to ESET LiveGuard in management consoles

CHANGED: ESET Enterprise Inspector to ESET Inspect in management consoles

CHANGED: Default message contents (Computer first connected, Computer identity recovered, Computer cloning question created)

CHANGED: Remove tags icon in the Tags panel

FIXED: Several Functionality problems are missing in the selection while creating a dynamic group template

FIXED: Scheduled client tasks without pre-selected "Invoke ASAP If Event Missed" may be executed with the wrong timing if the computer woke up from sleep or hibernation

FIXED: Tags assigned to a "Client Task" are automatically assigned also to computers where the task has been executed or assigned

FIXED: Unavailable EDR element in the Component version status section on the Status Overview Dashboard

FIXED: Trigger for scheduled Reports cannot be edited

FIXED: Exclusions table shows the "Occurred" column, but it is labeled as "Created on"

FIXED: Trigger via CRON shows different time after opening details of a specific trigger

FIXED: "Export table as" now exports all data, not just data on the page

FIXED: Last scan time in computer details

FIXED: When "Module update failed" occurs, the computer is not moved to the related Dynamic Group, if the Dynamic Group was created

FIXED: Policies under "Manage policies" over a group do not display for users with an administrator permission set

FIXED: "Restart required" and "Inbound Communication" columns in the Detections list display incorrect values

FIXED: Unable to log in to ESET PROTECT via SSO from ESET Inspect

FIXED: MSP Customer Setup fails if a user has no access to user management but does not request user creation

FIXED: Static group synchronization via LDAPS prefers the LDAP port

FIXED: Multiple sorting does not work as expected when the top priority is assigned to the Alerts column

FIXED: The overall status of the license might not be shown correctly in specific cases

REMOVED: "Auto-loading" option in the Clients and Detections screen paging menu

REMOVED: Flags in the language selector on the login screen

Various other minor improvements and bug fixes


Version 9.0

Build version See the list of all components versions.

Released: March 31, 2022

FIXED: Apache HTTP Proxy (v replaced with newer version (v due to discovered vulnerabilities in the earlier version

FIXED: Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1n due to security vulnerabilities


Build version See the list of all components versions

Released: January 19, 2022

FIXED: Apache HTTP Proxy (v replaced with the latest version (v due to discovered vulnerabilities in the earlier version


Build version See the list of all components versions

Released: December 7, 2021

FIXED: Apache HTTP Proxy (v replaced with the latest version (v due to discovered vulnerabilities in the earlier version


Build version See the list of all components versions

Released: November 8, 2021

Fixed: Specific tasks are re-triggered after an upgrade to the latest version of ESET PROTECT


Build version See the list of all components versions

Released: October 28, 2021

ADDED: Support for Automatic Product Updates (available from ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.0)

ADDED: New ESET LiveGuard Advanced dashboard

ADDED: Computer preview - by clicking on computer name will be displayed side panel with the most important computer details

ADDED: Detections preview - by clicking on detection type will be displayed side panel with the most important detection details

ADDED: Management for brute-force attack protection (available from ESET Endpoint Antivirus/Security for Windows version 9.0)

ADDED: Indicator of last connection status of managed computer (connected in last replication interval)

ADDED: New column Logged users in Computers table

ADDED: System updates management for Android

ADDED: Ability to create a new trigger in client task details

ADDED: Windows OS build number is reported as a separate symbol (for example, in a Dynamic group)

ADDED: List of submitted files (ESET LiveGuard Advanced) in Computer details, Detection and Quarantine section

ADDED: New product categories in Component version status section on Status Overview

ADDED: Full path to a computer in received notifications

ADDED: Possibility disable the triggering of notifications for muted computers

ADDED: Support for Java 17

ADDED: New EEI-specific permission "Remote Shell Access"

CHANGED: Existing ESET LiveGuard Advanced dashboard name change

CHANGED: Reducing and re-organizing columns in the Computers section

CHANGED: Triggers for server tasks and client tasks with frequencies less than 15 minutes will not be allowed

CHANGED: More granular communication of managed applications versions

IMPROVED: ESET LiveGuard Advanced perception (added information of what was originally detected by ESET LiveGuard Advanced)

IMPROVED: Operating system update - allowing the user to postpone the required reboot

IMPROVED: Operating system update task accessible not only from context menu over a group but also over a single device

IMPROVED: Proactive communication of 2FA mechanisms in ESET PROTECT and its usability improvements

IMPROVED: Remember a device when 2FA is enabled (Users do not need to put the second-factor authentication in the next login of a specific device)

IMPROVED: Visually distinguish locked policies in policies and computer details screens (padlock icon)

IMPROVED: When users create new permission sets, some checkboxes may be unavailable (users cannot enable a higher permission set than the user has)

IMPROVED: Automatically select newly created permission set when creating a new user

IMPROVED: Basic support of installer file caching in script-based Agent Live Installers

IMPROVED: Date and Time displayed in format according to language

IMPROVED: Updated cipher suite configuration for Tomcat

IMPROVED: Faster displaying of the planned flag on client tasks also after assigning to the significant amount of targets

IMPROVED: The enrollment link is visible below the QR code, and the user can copy it in the enrollment wizard

IMPROVED: New version of LogCollector in Management Agent

IMPROVED: A user or a computer can only be assigned to 200 users or computers in one operation to retain adequate service responsiveness

FIXED: Actions in the context menu for devices were disabled incorrectly (Enable ESET LiveGuard Advanced, Network Isolation)

FIXED: Licenses without an expiration date (for example, subscription licenses) were counted as expired in the Status Overview

FIXED: "Title" in the properties of the exported PDF report

FIXED: Triggers - infinite loading in some cases when the user changes trigger type

FIXED: Unwanted machines moved during computers import

FIXED: Missing notification about scheduled restart (macOS – osascript)

FIXED: Server Settings: ADD FILTER button is not working in the pop-up

FIXED: Custom headers of scheduled reports are not applied

FIXED: MSP customer setup fails if CA cert is not accessible and the user has no RW access on certificates

FIXED: Licenses without expiration date are counted as expired

FIXED: In case the generated PDF report contains a double-byte character in the name, the Title property might be garbled

FIXED: License is randomly changed when the software install task is edited

FIXED: Notifications - Message preview is not displaying properly

FIXED: Email sender is leaking ntlm_auth zombie processes upon each NTLM authentication attempt

FIXED: macOS Big Sur, specific protections statuses are missing in dynamic groups and report templates

FIXED: Multiple sorting does not sort correctly

FIXED: Performance issue when deleting a large number of exclusions

FIXED: Various other bug fixes, security, and performance improvements

REMOVED: Technical support for old products (ERA Proxy, ESLC, VAH, EVSA, NSX)