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Your ESET Smart Security is outdated
What does that mean?

What does it mean "may not be receiving the latest Virus Signature updates"?

*If you have received the red notification, you will not receive new updates and you will not be protected against new threats!

Regularly updating ESET Smart Security is necessary to ensure the maximum level of security on your computer. Keeping the virus signature database and program components updated is essential to maintain your computer's complete protection against malicious code.

Compare your version of ESET Smart Security

You are using ESET Smart Security version: .

    Your current features Available features after upgrading
Antivirus / Antispyware
Personal Firewall
Parental control   (version 5+)
HIPS (version 5+)
ESET LiveGrid - Cloud-powered reputation (version 5+)
Anti-Phishing protection (version 6+)
Exploit Blocker   (version 7+)
Advanced Memory Scanner   (version 7+)
Device control (version 7+)
Specialized Cleaner (version 8+)
ESET Anti-Theft -
Improved Personal Firewall -
Banking & Payment protection -
Windows 10 compatibility   -
Webcam protection   -
Script-Based Attack Protection -
UEFI scanner -
(ESET Internet Security version 11+)
    Your current level of Support Support level after you upgrade
Regular virus signature database updates *
Customer Care is available -
Product available for download -
Support for new operating systems -
Problems and vulnerabilities addressed   -

ESET is continually developing leading-edge protection

For detailed information about new features, please refer to the ESET leading-edge technology page on the ESET website.

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Once you are using the latest product version, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of ESET Customer Support (older versions receive limited support), regular virus definition updates, and the full power of our latest threat-defense technologies.

Upgrade troubleshooting

If you are unsuccessful upgrading or your ESET product status is "red" after upgrading, visit our troubleshooting Knowledgebase article: